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Avatar: The Last Airbender


The Legend of Korra


Toph has been searching for her husband for years. Now, after six years, Republic City's Chief of Police is raising her five year old daughter while continuing to solve the case of her missing husband. When a simple mission turns out to be an ambush, Toph is dragged into the confines of the most dangerous triad in the city. There, she finds more than she intended.


Team Avatar and Kids

Toph Beifong: A master earthbender and the creator of metalbending, she is now Republic City's Chief of Police. Previously married, Toph lost her husband to an ambush. Currently, she raises her five year old daughter, Lin, as a single parent.

Lin Beifong: Daughter to Toph Beifong and her husband. She may be five years old, but the young girl has the spirit of her mother. Hasn't shown signs of earthbending.

Aang: The current Avatar who successfully ended the Hundred Year War. With the help of his friends, Aang has built a unified city for all nations to thrive. He is married to Katara and has three children.

Katara: A master waterbender who, along with her brother, helped her husband end the Hundred Year War. Katara gave birth to three children with Aang.

Bumi: Aang and Katara's oldest son and child. Rambunctious with a crazy mound of hair, this eleven year old is the only nonbender in the family.

Kya: Aang and Katara's only daughter and middle child. Inheriting her mother's waterbending ability, this eight year old is calm and relaxed.

Tenzin: Aang and Katara's youngest son. The first airbender to be born in over a hundred years, this six year old handles the pressure through the help of his best friend, Lin.

Sokka: Now chairman to the council, Sokka of the Water Tribe lives in the city with his wife, Suki. After Toph's husband vanished, he has voluntarily taken up becoming Lin's father figure and helping Toph get through the difficult time.

Suki: Married to Sokka, Suki helps train nonbenders on both the police force and city.

Other Characters

Shen: Leader of the Moon Med Triad, the most dangerous triad in the city.

Liiru: Shen's right-hand man. Rescued by Shen after suffering amnesia, Liiru is loyal to his leader.


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