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The Sea-Wolf


Fire Nation, Southern Water Tribe

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Capital City

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Ralyn (sister), Suruk (maternal grandfather), Uluk (uncle)


Rishu, Toz


Foggy Swamp Tribe

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Parents, Rishu


Sea Dragons

Grand Marshal Alov is the Grand Admiral of the Fire Navy known as the Sea Wolf. Born of mixed heritage and brother of the She-Wolf, Ralyn, Alov has a complicated past.


Alov is the younger brother of Ralyn and son of mixed heritage. Born to a Fire Nation Admiral and Southern Water Tribe Chief's daughter. Alov's family had a tense relationship with the Water Tribes when his mother ran away to marry his father. Chief Suruk had previously called it kidnapping. But upon hearing of the fact that he had two grandchildren, he relented so that he could see his grandkids.

Southern Water Tribe tundra

Training in the harsh South Pole, Alov had one of the hardest places to learn firebending.

Alov was raised in the South Pole while his father took a diplomatic post there. Despite his venom to Ralyn, his grandfather, Suruk, catered to the young Alov. Alov was raised in the South Pole for ten years. But things weren't easy. He was trained by his firebending father and waterbending mother in the cold of the south, pushing him to his limits. The children around him demeaned him as he was a firebender and played pranks on him.

His parents had decided to take him back to the Fire Nation after his tenth birthday so that he could grow up with other kids like him, seeing the affect the children here were having. However, days before his birthday, some teenagers picked a fight with him. Alov attacked them and horrifically scarred the ring leader, burning the entire right side of his face. His parents were forced to leave the South Pole before they suffered retribution.

Alov excelled in the homeland where he joined the Navy like his father. Alov was recruited into the Sea Dragons, the elite marine warfare force of the Navy. Alov made a notorious reputation there as merciless and deadly. Around this time his sister had staked her own reputation as a mercenary, the She-Wolf. Alov was in turn called the Sea-Wolf for his connection to her. Alov became Dragon Commander after only five years in service of the Dragons. As Dragon Commander, he restructured and retrained the Sea Dragons, modelling their training after his own, training in the cold mountains of the world and great seas.

Due to the success of the Sea-Wolf's record, he was promoted to Admiral of the First Fleet where they hoped he would restructure its ailing bureaucratic process. Alov succeeded yet again and made the First Fleet surpass the rising star of the United Forces. He used the First Fleet to execute a brutal anti-piracy campaign alongside Grand Marshal Rishu of the Air Force.

Alov is a big supporter of pulling out of the United Forces, urging that their military was their military.

Alov was eventually promoted to Grand Marshal, or Grand Admiral, of the Navy after the success of his leadership in both the Sea Dragons and the First Fleet. Alov was a supporter of the alliance with the Earth Kingdom to invade the coastlands. His Navy quickly attacked the United Forces ports and blockaded those he couldn't burn to the ground.

As preparation for this war, Alov has been given an assignment that has been years in the making, called the 'Purge Protocol'. Alov is often out of reach for this very reason.


Alov is a master firebender. He trained in the South Pole for the first decade of his life, preparing him for dealing with strife as he had to train in an element while surround by his opposite.

Alov has mastered most techniques of firebending and is said only to trail masters such as Rishu and the Fire Lord. He can generate and redirect lightning. He can breathe fire and maintain flames in cold or wet atmospheres such as the South Pole or a swamp.

Foggy Swamp

Alov finally tested his "Purge Protocol" in the great Swamp to keep the swampbenders out of the war.

As an excellent strategist, Alov presented a thesis on destroying an opponent after adapting it from hunting a rodent population. This became the "Purge Protocol", which was finally tested in the Swamp. It involved isolating and taking out small populations until the rest collected into a vulnerable position.


  • While Alov was raised in the South Pole, his sister Ralyn was raised in the Fire Nation. As such, both were trained in the opposite element they use, making them greater masters for it.
  • Alov and his sister Ralyn have an icy relationship.
  • Alov's nickname, The Sea-Wolf, is a play on his sister's nickname, The She-Wolf.
  • Alov is Azerbaijani for flame
  • Alov has sapphire blue eyes, an uncommon trait amongst firebenders.

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