Alone and Lonely
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Of Burnt Badgermoles and Broken Dragons



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15th February, 2014

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Occasionally, Toph would venture into the lower cells. She would stand, silently feeling the firebender as she sat in her cell and the cold slowly seeping into the pores of both women.

Toph never allowed Azula the knowledge that she was being watched; that her actions were being scrutinised.

These visits grew in frequency until Toph would barely go a day without casting her sight on the firebender. They would have continued, had she not accidentally made her presence known by use of a stray pebble.

Azula's confused cries, her questioning of ghosts, put an end to the metalbender's excursions.

"Take her back."

Toph, who is usually blunt anyway, still managed to surprise Zuko as the Fire Lord stepped into her office.


"Take her back. She doesn't belong here. She's not going to get better at all. We're a police force, for crying out loud. Not an institution."

Zuko regarded his blind friend a moment before shutting the door.

"I just don't think it's a good idea for her to be in the Fire Nation. Nothing can hurt her here, Toph."

She couldn't work up the courage to say that the most dangerous enemy to Azula, was Azula herself.

Toph had been keeping an eye and yet simultaneously ignoring the prisoner in the lower cells.

That had not been Azula's intended destination; while she was being moved, Zuko had the 'ingenious' solution that he could remove the expectations–and thus the insanity–from his sister by forcibly humbling her.

The private, lavish cell that had been prepared for the Fire Princess lay empty as she was shunned to the dank, disgusting, unused maximum security cells.

Late at night, when she was alone in the office, Toph would sometimes just stop and think about the poor prisoner.

Someone had to.

Serenity was not something that came easily to the firebender. Meditation gave her no respite, and many days she merely slept away the hours, no other activities available to her.

She wasn't sure what was worse; the emptiness of her cell, or the memories in her mind.

Azula saw no one but the guards tasked with feeding her (the term used loosely). When opening her eyes to escape her mind, Azula wasn't sure what to do about the child standing just beyond the bars of her cell.

In her hands was a badge, and a furry plush toy; a badgermole.

The visitor was back.

Mint green eyes peered at Azula through dark brown locks, and there was a little smile on her face. She sat just outside the cell, soft toy prancing along as she hummed.

"What's your name?"

The little voice interrupted her song, and Azula jumped in surprise. With a sneer, she ignored the question. The child leaned forward, placing the soft toy inside the bars.

"This is Terra. It means earth, according to my Mom. And it sounds fiercesome." Her hand released the toy, and she held it out to Azula in a small handshake.

"I'm Lin."

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