This page lists the chapters of the fanon series Alone.

Book 1: Glass

1 The Message The current Avatar, Joel, flees from the Bending Defense Agency to a hidden firebending colony.
2 Leah After Joel's demise, a new Avatar is born.
3 The Glow Leah saves herself and her mother with the Avatar State, alerting the BDA to her presence.
4 BDA The Bending Defense Agency hatches plans to kidnap the Avatar.
5 Gone Leah runs away from home and into an ambush.
6 Uluru Leah is brought to a bender prison deep in the Austrailan desert. Meanwhile, Leah's mother organizes a search party.
7 Revealed Leah is brought to the Leader.
8 The Colonies A Waterbender named Rose tells Leah of the bender colonies still in hiding from the BDA.
9 Brethren Leah learns from the Earthbenders in the prison.
10 The Survivors Leah meets the survivors from the colony in Mexico
11 Joel's Old Friend Leah meets an Airbender who was friends with Avatar Joel.
12 Alice Springs After waiting for four long years in prison, Leah gets the chance to leave for a week long "parole" to Alice Springs.
13 School After arriving at the city, Leah rushes off to her first school experience since her capture.
14 Sierra Sierra takes Leah to her extravagant mansion, allowing Leah to make her first friend since her detainment.
15 Discovery Leah finds the secret to her escape.
16 Bracken The first Avatar visits Leah in a last ditch attempt to convince her not to escape.
17 Visiting the Past Leah sees what happened to her mother after her capture.
18 Goodbyes Leah says goodbye to her friends in the compound before her attempt at escaping.
19 Escape Part 1: Shards of Glass Leah battles her way through the prison to the outside.
20 Escape Part 2: Confrontation The Leader intercepts Leah on her way out of Uluru.

Book 2: Smoke

1 The Outside Leah struggles to make it to Alice Springs with the Elite hot on her tail
2 Questions Leah tries to convince Sierra to come with her to New York.
3 Flight The journey to New Orleans.
4 The Rogues Leah and Sierra arrive in New Orleans to find the waterbending colony, though they are not what they seem to be.
5 Forewarned After a series of disturbing events following their arrival, Leah and Sierra decide to escape the colony before the imminent return of the Mistress.
6 Keith Leah and Sierra run across a town under attack by the Elite.
7 The Exiles Survivors from the ravaged colony mistake Leah and Sierra for the attack and shoot down their plane.
8 Forfeit The Elite fight amongst themselves while Leah and the group return to Xylia to bury the dead.
9 Choice After the group arrives at a waterbending colony, Sierra tries to leave, convinced Leah doesn't need her anymore.
10 Consequence A flashback at the Leader, the Elite, and Bronson. The time portrayed is after Leah and Sierra leave the Rogues and after Xylia is attacked.
11 Legacy Part 1: Avatar Joel On the day of the Summer Solstice, Leah learns about Avatar Joel's past and his assault on Uluru.
12 Legacy Part 2: Avatar Aang Avatar Aang teaches Leah how the Avatar came to be on Earth.
13 Open Arms Leah, Sierra, and Keith set out from Mesaba Colony and finally arrive in New York. Shortly after arriving, Sierra meets someone she didn't expect.
14 Father Neil tries to reconcile with Sierra after being apart for seven years.
15 Learning to Fly, Part 1: The Apprentice Leah struggles with both mastering Airbending and her feelings about being the Avatar.
16 Learning to Fly, Part 2: The Master See Above
17 A Leap of Faith Leah unveils a gigantic surprise for Sierra's 17th birthday
18 Negotiations Morgan and the Elite travel to the Middle East to complete the mission assigned after their failure at Xylia.
19 Twin Towers, Part 1: Successor Team Avatar divides when Sierra prepares to move in with her father. Meanwhile, Keith leaves for San Francisco to meet up with Jacque.
20 Twin Towers, Part 2: The Black Plume of Smoke Leah, Sierra, Neil and Keanu try to find their way back to each other after the impact to the North Tower.
21 Twin Towers, Part 3: The Burden of Atlas After the impact to the South Tower, the team prepares to confront the Elite. In the midst of their fight, an unexpected visitor arrives.

Book 3: Storm

1 His Dark Materials Kumara rethinks her life after returning from New York.
2 Wounds Word spreads around the prison that Kumara has escaped. The Leader discovers the limitations of his bending prowess as a result of his injury. Morgan investigates the destruction of a BDA brigade.
3 Rest in Peace Following an alliance between the U.S. military and the BDA, the Rogues declare open war. After the Rogues launch an attack on New Orleans, the Leader and Elite leave to intercept them.
4 Somewhere Only We Know Keith struggles to move on after the events of September 11.
5 The Mistress Keith meets the leader of the Rogues.
6 Smoke and Mirrors Katrina lures the Leader to New Orleans under the ruse of an attack.
7 To Judge Another Katrina becomes responsible for a terrible disaster, leading Keith to question his induction into the Rogues.
8 Madeline Keith receives an unexpected surprise.
9 As You Both Shall Live Two families prepare for an emotional wedding.
10 Trials and Cares Madi tells Keith about her past.
11 Hereafter The prisoners of Uluru contemplate life and death.
12 Princess and the Frog TBA
13 Enchanted TBA
14 Lamb to the Slaughter TBA
15 Gifted TBA
16 Confessions TBA
17 The Silence TBA
18 The Cave TBA

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