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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
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Eastern Air Temple




677 BG


568 BG (Age: 109)

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Dark Brown

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Airbending, Soundbending, Staff


Air Nomads, Monk Yong Ten, Rong Yan, Prince Unaraq, Princess Tanaraq, Prince Tulok, Council of Elders, Monk Senge, Monk Jampo


Ex-General Senlin, Palartok, Water Tribe rebels

Chronological and political information

Nun, Rong Yan's Airbending/Soundbending Teacher

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 17: Power of Sound

Aloi is a major character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, and is Avatar Rong Yan's love interest through Book One and Book Two and eventually gets she gets into a love triangle with Rong Yan and Tanaraq. She also trains him in advanced airbending when they travel throughout the fanon and she also trains him in soundbending.


Early Life

Aloi, was born to an unknown nun at the Eastern Air Temple, in Autumn 677 BG. At the age of five, with other young Air Nomad females she was given an apple to give to a baby Sky Bison. She approached one and gave it the apple, they immediately became lifelong companions and best friends.

With her guardian nun she spent five months learning how to ride, steer, and take care of her sky bison. At the age of eight, her guardian nun had taught a class of beginner airbending which is where the young girls mastered the first five or ten levels of airbending.

At the age 15, she learned how to glide on her staff that was given to her when she entered the class. It took Aloi, three months to master gliding. At the age 17, she mastered airbending and mastered the defensive and offensive use of her staff, and received her airbending tattoos.

Marking her and some of her friends, as airbending masters. They were able to teach if they chose to.

The Festival of Four Winds

Aloi, along with monks and nuns from the other temples come to the Southern Air Temple to celebrate the Festival of Four Winds that is celebrated each year by the Air Nomad society.

Each year they meet at one of the four air temples, party, and eventually find a partner during the three day celebration and make love. The monks and nuns all leave after the festival is over back to their home temples.

Separated from each other, nine months later, more Air Nomad children come into the world. The cycle of life for Air Nomads begins anew each year. Aloi, had rejected each man that had approached her as she had eyed Rong Yan, when he wasn't looking.

She chooses Rong Yan, and introduces herself to him. Rong Yan later finds out something about her that he finds very interesting besides her natural beauty. She happens to be a unique bender that apparently one or two of Rong Yan's past lives had possessed this bending ability.

Aloi, was a soundbender, she explains soundbending to Rong Yan, and tells her story of how she found out of soundbending. He later asks during the party if she would teach Rong Yan soundbending, Aloi agrees but he must first master airbending or Rong Yan wouldn't understand soundbending.

They both fall in love with each other but never notice it until later.

Invasion of the Southern Air Temple

When the Southern Air Temple, went under attack by General Senlin and his allies the rebels of both Water Tribes. Aloi lent aid to her brothers of the temple and helped repel the invaders.

Yong Ten read a scroll, that had come from General Senlin, former general of the Council of Five and Earth Kingdom Military, and escaped convict of the Ba Sing Se Prison. He wants to fight Rong Yan, and knows that he is currently at the Southern Air Temple, and his plan is going well, since the Avatar is still "weak", Rong Yan has only mastered fire and air.

General Senlin, is only a day away from the temple. The Council of Elders have an audience with the courier. He tells them that Senlin, and a Water Tribe man along with other Water Tribesmen have razed a village. Killing various numbers of innocents. Only sparing him, to deliver the message to the temple.

Knowing of Air Nomad lifestyle, he sent the Air Nomad to make a scroll for reinforcements to Taku. As he returned, he had given the scroll to the courier, and Yong Ten escorted the courier to Xi Tong village. From there the courier had ridden on the back of his ostrich horse to the city of Taku. Where Captain Wei, is still stationed at for another week.

Rong Yan, had spoken to Avatar Ku Tei, who had given him advice to not attack Former General Senlin directly, because he was not ready. He then spoke with Avatar Kwan Chun, who had told him that he must do whatever it takes to eliminate threats that harm the world, but then told him the exact same thing as Ku Tei had told him. Though he must wait since he only just mastered two elements and has not mastered all four.

Kwan Chun had told Rong Yan to wait, but before Kwan Chun, had vanished as he also told Rong Yan, that he was always there, when he needed him.

Captain Wei, and his small army were the resistance against General Senlin and his forces. Though as the courier had past by the general on his ostrich horse, the general and his forces stopped for a brief moment. Then the general whispered into the ear of one his archers, who had grinned wickedly, aimed, and shot the courier in the head, killing him.

During the invasion, Jampo was the fourth Air Nomad that was struck dead, Rong Yan, Senge, Aloi, and Yong Ten all cried out his name, but he was gone. All of them cried, and Rong Yan closed his eyes releasing a tear. The death of Jampo, had triggered Rong Yan's Avatar State.

The invaders were in trouble, when instead of seeing the Fire Avatar in the Avatar State. The airbenders bowed to the presence of the Air Avatar that had taken form from the Avatar's body. It was Avatar Kwan Chun, who ended the invasion at the Southern Air Temple, and blew General Senlin and Palartok along with their men off the temple mountain.

The Air Nomads saw the invasion, and the Avatar; Kwan Chun's furious grew and he realized that someone had invaded his homeland where he grew up in. He had taken possession of Rong Yan's body, and defended his home from the invaders.

Falling to their deaths, General Senlin reacted quickly by encasing Palartok and himself in earth to break their falls. Location of the Avatar was unknown to them soon after they had come out of the earth.

Southern Water Tribe

Arriving at the Southern Water Tribe, Rong Yan and his friend Aloi sought audience with Chief Unirak. The chief gives him a warm greeting to his city. Rong Yan asks for waterbending teacher, Unirak calls out his children and introduces them to the Avatar.

He grants him his daughter as his waterbending teacher claiming that she is a magnificent bender and will be a great mentor for the Avatar. He had also granted the Avatar the skills and aid of his son Unaraq who is a fine warrior.

The next day, Unaraq introduced Aloi and Rong Yan, to his crew. Which later in Book Two became part of the story and conflicted with one of the benders of the crew.

Meeting an member of an Ancient Organization

At one point before leaving Ni Juo, Unaraq was curious to know if the hermit had returned to the shack up in the mountains. Upon arrival they had met a hooded figure, who was the hermit.

Startled he dropped his drink and air dried the stain on his robes. Aloi the airbender jumped in joy when she found out he was an airbender. He had revealed he was a member of an ancient organization called "The Vibrant Ones".

Who were a selected few of master airbenders trained in the three different branches of Soundbending. Chaos, Deception, and Melodic branches, each had the same standard moves but each had their own unique set moves.

The Soundbender (also known as, Giman), willingly taught Rong Yan, and Aloi some soundbending moves. At the end of their training day he gave them a small chest filled with various Soundbending scrolls pertaining more moves.

He decided to gift them it, since now there was only three known Vibrant Ones, doing so he knew this would bring a new generation of Vibrant Ones.

Northern Water Tribe

When the gang reaches the Northern Water Tribe it seems to be peaceful since they arrive before General Senlin and his comrades do. In the coming days the entire visit gets thrown into disarray, first when Senlin wanted to upsurge another war he had sent Kimaru to kill Tulok's cousin although it turned out they triple teamed him. With Senlin delivering the final blow to the young officer. After they found his body the Northern Water Tribe chief had gone into a rage and waged war on the eastern Earth Kingdom. In the final two chapters of Book Two, they begin to prepare the wedding of Tulok and Tanaraq who have had a quick relationship taking each other for lust and the arrangement of marriage through royalty.

In Chapter 19, they were preparing the funeral of Amak, and later in the chapter towards the end they attended the funeral and the burial of the young man. In Chapter 20, they had attended the royal wedding while in the end the two chiefs had a war council with Cupun's general and admiral the twins Issumatar&Oomailiq. Where on the subside back in Ba Sing Se it showed the complete opposite, while the Northern and Southern Water Tribes united for the war, the eastern and western Earth Kingdom had become divided for the war. With the end result of Ba Sing Se province going at it alone against the Water Tribes while the Omashu province closes off its borders until the war was announced over.

New Earthbending Master

Rong Yan and the gang had gone to Han Tui after three years of war it was difficult getting into the Earth Kingdom for many, with the Water Tribes getting the upper hand in the war and gaining territories on eastern Earth Kingdom soil. In the planned efforts in trying to win Chu Shi.

Rong Yan and the gang spent three long years in the safe non war ravaged province of Omashu, where Rong Yan perfected and mastered airbending, soundbending, and waterbending with his teacher Aloi, and with the scrolls that were given to him by Chief Cupun. Each character had grown up, Rong Yan had began to sport a mustache and goatee, Aloi shaved the frontal forehead area to reveal her airbending tattoos, and Unaraq had grown a beard and began to resemble much like his father Unirak. When arriving in Han Tui they had learned that Sun Wu the earthbending prodigy master had passed away of old age three weeks before their arrival.

In a tavern within the city they had run into and met Jushi a master swordsman and earthbender who at first had no qualms of helping the Avatar master earthbending. But after life saving and persuasion, Jushi had a change of heart and joined in Rong Yan's quest to master the elements and defeat the Traitor General.

News from Omashu

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The Battle of Chu Shi

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The Deserter

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Air Nomads having a high level of spirituality, each Air Nomad child is born an airbender either male or female. Aloi, was taught and trained in the 37 levels of airbending at the age of eight.

Many years passed, when at the age of 17, she passed the 37th level of airbending and passed the tests that followed. After that she received her airbending tattoos.


Unlike her sisters at the Eastern Air Temple, Aloi wields a unique bending ability that is rare in history and few Air Nomads in the world hone the skill. The ability to soundbend. Controlling the sound in the air currents for the use of offense, defense, and in a beneficial way.

She first learned about the art of soundbending in her history lectures by one of the nuns. Aloi, was fascinated by her ancestors who wielded this mighty bending ability.

One night, she snuck into a library they had in the Eastern Air Temple and had found a book about the history of soundbending. The book was created by a scholar from the city of Ba Sing Se.

She had taken her sky bison and traveled to the city of Ba Sing Se, to speak with this scholar. The scholar happened to be an Air Nomad who had left the temple, and abandoned the monastic and nomadic lifestyle, to become a scholar and a musician.

Staying with the scholar, she had learned more about the soundbenders, and the professor had gifted her with soundbending scrolls. From there she departed back to the Eastern Air Temple and began to practice the forms without supervision.

Sometimes while practicing at night she would make sonic boom noises and awaken all the women at the temple. One night after a year had passed that she had began to learn soundbending, she had already been a master at it. She practiced on creating a sonic boom, successfully doing so, she again awoke the sisters of the Eastern Air Temple.

The Council of Elders, wanted to have an audience with Aloi and wanted to know why that every time there was loud noise outside they had discovered that she would always be outside. Aloi had lied to the Council of Elders, that she had rediscovered the ability to soundbend. Knowing that if she told them the truth they wouldn't tolerate her leaving to the Earth Kingdom without permission.

They did not believe Aloi, that soundbending was rare and there was no known airbenders that could soundbend. She demonstrated making a medium sound, and used a soft sound blast to knock over ten stacked books.

The Council of Elders, could not believe their minds they were all shocked at this. Aloi, was a soundbender, during their whole lives they have not seen or heard of a soundbender. They asked if she could teach of class of soundbending.

Aloi, decided that she'd keep the ability to her self but rather teach the council of elders instead. Within months the elderly women mastered soundbending.

When traveling with Avatar Rong Yan, they had met a Vibrant One who was a master of Deception. Giman was his name, and he willingly taught the two a little bit more of Soundbending.

Towards the end of their training session he had lent them a wooden chest that contained Soundbending scrolls. With these scrolls they must teach themselves and master Soundbending.


Book One: Air

Book Two: Water


  • Aloi's name was inspired from an Air Nomad girl who was friends with Aang, before the Air Nomad Genocide had taken place. Being that she was considered the last airbender, during the time when she went into hiding. Fire Lord Azulon, in this fanon that I read later killed Aloi and Kuzon.
  • At one point I want to put Aloi, Rong Yan and Tanaraq in a love triangle that conflicted through both girls wanting the Avatar. But the idea was scrapped after writing the fourth chapter.

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