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Chapter 6 - Allies in the Earth

Shinn walked across the desert alone. His clothes were still torn from his battle with Xu and he was unarmed, having lost his sword during the fight. The desert was hotter than usual but Shinn was unfazed.

It had been mere hours since his fight that left him half-dead. But thanks to his mysterious power, Shinn was already fighting-fit. He had decided against returning to the town as Xu would have left by now. Instead he was heading to a nearby city, the capital of culture in the Earth Kingdom, called Isu.

Shinn knew he would have to master his power before charging in again. This new-found patience was unnerving to him but it was mostly due to the voice that had kept him alive thus far.

As he walked alone, the sandstorm picked up. Shinn was still unfazed but stopped. He listened before turning away to catch a knife that was about to hit him. He glanced forward to see a group of people in front of him.

"This is our territory you take a great risk coming here," said their Leader.

"Do you think I care?" replied Shinn in a cold voice.

"This is your last warning or we'll attack you!" shouted the Leader.

"Try me," taunted Shinn.

Liu Xing

'Ren Xu Appears'

The men disappeared in a gust of sand and Shinn smiled before blocking all three of their attacks. Two with his arms and one with his knee. He sent a shockwave of fire knocking the men back. They clambered to their feet before unleashing a flurry of sand at Shinn's face. Although blinded, Shinn could still sense their movement and successfully predicted all of their attacks, astounding the men.

As Shinn regained his eyesight, a new foe stood in front of him. A man wearing a headdress adorned with gold. He wore light body armour yet carried an impressive spear. He looked up and Shinn knew he was examining his fighting capabilities. He dismounted his horse and stood before Shinn.

"You have...skill young warrior," he said.

"Thanks for the compliment," replied Shinn.

Shinn blinked and to his surprise the man was already charging towards him, unexpectedly he jumped over Shinn before striking. To his shock, Shinn had stopped his spear in between his hands. The man reclaimed his spear and attacked again but all of his attacks were blocked by Shinn who was using Firebending as a Shield.

The Man recoiled and smiled. He relaxed his fighting posture and put his spear into the sand.

"What is your name warrior?" he asked.

"My name is Shinn, Shinn Fey," Shinn replied.

"I am Ren Xu, The Spear of Justice," Ren Xu said proudly

"You're fond of yourself..." muttered Shinn.

"Humph, what of you?"

"I'm the Avatar."

The men broke out laughing while Ren maintained a more serious face. Shinn raised a finger causing a small pillar of earth to rise and hit one of the men in the face.

"Indeed you are Shinn," said Ren.

"Good, now goodbye," said Shinn walking away.

"What's the rush?"

"I have 'business' to attend to."

"Where are you headed?"

"To Isu."

"Come with us we have a spare horse," said Ren pointing out an unoccupied horse.

"Sure..." replied Shinn climbing on.

The group began to ride as the sandstorm settled down.

"I have never seen someone so eager to trust people."

"Let's just say I have few friends."

"Or you know I won't attack you."

"Indeed, I just bested you and your men I highly doubt you'd attack again."

"Who attacked you?" asked Ren looking at Shinn's half destroyed clothing.

"Xu Ki, a Fire Nation General."

"I know him."

"From Where!?"

"The Fire Lord is coming to Isu in two weeks and your friend Xu will be there."

"You can get me to him?" asked Shinn in anticipation.

"Possibly, if you help me."

"How do you mean?"

"If you just show up, it will look suspicious. Join my unit and fight with me."

"Fine, just get me into that meeting," shouted Shinn.

Ren nodded as Shinn thought over this opportunity with this. He could kill Xu within two weeks. A few fights before that would be an easy price to pay and would help him practice for his showdown with Xu. In the distance they could see the lights of Isu. Shinn looked at his new partner Ren and smiled.

Isu, 10 minutes Later...

The group arrived at a small barrack surrounded by trees. The base was not in the city but on its borders, as Ren tossed a uniform at Shinn. "Put it on," he ordered.

A commander arrived and inspected Ren's unit and was surprised to see Shinn emerging now fully dressed.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Sh-Lee Chu," Shinn quickly replied.

"Another Lee ey?"

The Commander looked over Shinn and took notes of his appearance before drawing his weapon and attacking. Shinn quickly drew his sword and countered before knocking the commander down with his sword pressed against his neck.

"So what do you think?" asked Shinn smiling.

"You're in, kid..." replied the Commander, stumbling to his feet embarrassed.

The shamed Commander soon left red-faced. Shinn holstered his weapon to hear Ren laughing. He remarked how no one had ever countered that attack and congratulated 'Lee' on his first impression.

Fire Nation Throne Room, 2 days later...

"He is dead my lord," said Xu Ki bowing.

"Excellent work, I didn't think you could do something right Xu..." remarked Fire Lord Zuang.

"I aim to serve you best I can," said Xu proudly, "No chance of him surviving."

"I don't know why you bothered coming back."

"But I did as you ordered!" said a shocked Xu.

"I know, but you're coming with me on a visit in the 2 weeks."

"Sorry my lord I did-"

"That is enough of that for now Xu," said Zuang, "Enjoy yourself! You just killed an Avatar isn't that worthy of celebration?!"

"I guess it is lord," replied Xu who was blown away by the comment.

"Well then go!" said Zuang ordering him to leave.

Xu bowed again before leaving the throne room. He was unnerved by Zuang's mysterious comments but ignored them. Shinn was finally dead and he could put this all behind him. Despite this, Xu still had a feeling of doubt in his mind.


Sorry If I've disappointed everyone as this is mainly just a filler chapter. I promise 'The Assassin' is action packed and reviews are welcome as always. Carloso 00:24, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

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