All is safe... NOT!
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Chapter 11: All is Safe... NOT!

We walked through the deserted streets of Omashu. Buildings were collapsed. Food carts lay strewn across the streets. There was an eerie silence.

"It's so... quiet," Aika said.

"Let's split up. If you see any zombies, even one, send a signal," I said. We split up right then.

As I walked, I could see the palace and wondered what had happened to the king. I shuddered, not wanting to think about that. I then saw a red glow coming from an alley. I ran and saw a strange plant. The Red Ivy. This was the one. All of a sudden, I saw a few arrows shoot up in the air. Then, I heard some snarling. I turned. A giant horde of zombies were heading right towards me.

Author's Note

So sorry about the length.

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