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All Aboard is the thirteenth chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


Mina, Kaila, and Chen, wanting some time to relax, travel to a nice beach near Ember Island. While there, the team finds out from a seedy merchant that in the Earth Kingdom, there is a rebel retreat in a forest called Kein Forest, the only free place left in the world. The team plans to receive fake tickets and make it onto a ship, however, they soon realize that they are not alone in the pier, and that someone is waiting for them.


After a ferry ride away from Kaila's village, Mina, Chen, and Kaila walk through a sandy forest, while seagulls chirp in the background. Kaila eventually gets annoyed, finding it ridiculous that they have not yet found a nice beach to relax at. Mina agrees that they need a break, while Chen shrugs it off. Mina jokingly states that Chen is getting "Quanlee syndrome", shocking Kaila that Mina actually knows her name. Eventually, the team finds a tree with a map on it that reveals they are in fact in Ember Island, surprising them all.


Mina is optimistic about being in Ember Island

Mina is very optimistic about their location, saying she is looking forward to just sitting back and relaxing, while Kaila and Chen are more skeptical about whether they are actually safe. Mina, however, reminds them that they are never going to be safe as long as they are in the Fire Nation, though Chen responds that the entire world is Fire Nation anyway. He is cut short, however, by a Seedy Merchant, who tells him that there is one free place still left in the world; Kein Forest, a city for all the rebels in the world, the only non-Fire Nation city standing.

At first, Kaila and Chen don't believe him, and Kaila even suggests he is a spy sent by Azula. Mina, however, remembers rumors of the forest on Zula Island. Chen dismisses it as simple folklore, though Kaila finds herself remembering some stories about it too. For proof that the forest exists, Mina asks a man working at the harbor, who confirms that a ship will be stopping off at the forest to pick up cargo, though no where near the rebel city. The Seedy Merchant then tells them he will supply them with tickets, as long as they upset another old merchant whom the seedy merchant can't stand, by destroying his Flaming Fire Flakes Cart. As the Fire Flakes Merchant (Cabbage Merchant) passes, Mina prepares to hit his cart with an arrow. She can't bring herself to do it, however. Finally, an impatient Kaila grabs a large blade and wields it at the cart's wheels. It falls apart, and the Fire Flakes Merchant screams "MY CABBA-I mean, MY FIRE FLAKES!!!!!" Mina feels bad about it, but Kaila and Chen can't help but laugh a bit.

At night, the group gets some disguises and rents a beach house with the money they got from other towns, and Mina quickly falls asleep on the house's couch. Chen, however, has trouble sleeping, and sits quietly on a log near the beach. Kaila sees him, and joins him. She knows something is bothering him, and asks him if he is now ready to talk about the Haizi. Chen tells her it's not about the Haizi, but that its about his father. He tells Kaila all about Yin Lee, and about his death. Kaila starts to tear, however, and tells Chen that at least he had a father that loved him, and that her father would beat and insult her. Chen remembers what she told him at her village, and says he's very sorry, and the two start to lean closer to each other, though at the same time, the two realize what they have said and what they are doing, and they slide away from each other. Kaila, embarrassed, retreats back into the house, and Chen soon follows.

In the morning, the team goes to get their tickets from the Seedy Merchant. They come to his booth, though they only find a turned around (backwards) chair. Mina rings a bell on the booth to get his attention, though instead they hear a feminine and familiar voice. The chair is turned around, and the three rebels stare in shock as they find themselves face to face with Princess Mitsuki. They attempt to run away, though Tam Mee jumps up to them from a rope attached to a ship, and effectively paralyzes Chen. Mina and Kaila find themselves outnumbered, and Mitsuki tells Quanlee and Tam Mee to fight Mina, while she fights Kaila. Kaila runs away, though Mitsuki, who is surprisingly fast, stays on her trail. Mitsuki blasts a jet of blue fire at Kaila, though she jumps in the air, and the blast instead hits the Fire Flakes Merchant's cart.

Tam Mee fights Mina, and Quanlee, bored by the fight, says she'll go fight Chen, to which Tam Mee, forgetting Chen's paralyzed, does not protest. Quanlee sits by Chen, and the two watch the fight between the girls. Mina quickly starts to lose her footing, and Tam Mee avoids all her arrows, while singing songs at the same time. Eventually, Mina finds herself powerless, and tries running away. Tam Mee, however, spins and cartwheels right in front of Mina. Mina tries to jump away, but Tam Mee instinctively blocks her chi. She then drags Mina over to Chen, and Quanlee, both blushing (as she's sitting next to Chen) and filing her black nails tells Tam Mee to "just throw her in the pile".

Meanwhile, Kaila runs through the bay, though Mitsuki rockets herself at great speed through the air. Kaila climbs onto a ship's mast, while Mitsuki simply propels herself onto it. The girls, both with extraordinary balance, are able to secure their positions on different sides of the mast. Kaila, seeing she cannot escape, decides to battle the Princess. A vicious fight then ensues. Mitsuki does a flip, nearly hitting Kaila and pushing her into the water. Mitsuki does a swirling kick, though Kaila jumps into the air, dodging it. Kaila then tries to stab Mitsuki with a blade, though Mitsuki sets the blade on fire in just seconds. Mitsuki continues attacking, blasting punch after punch at a tired Kaila. Eventually, Mitsuki becomes impatient, and destroys Kaila's part of the mast. Kaila is forced to move closer to Mitsuki, and begins to lose her balance. Mitsuki eventually gains the upper hand, and creates a huge and violent blast of lightning. Kaila barely dodges the lightning, but is unable to jump back onto the mast, and finds herself hanging from it for her dear life.

Mitsuki then fills her fists with flame, getting ready for the kill. She goes to hit Kaila, though suddenly, a small flying creature grabs her shoulders and pushes her off the mast and into the water. It then grabs Kaila, and drags her of the mast, to the bay, and behind Tam Mee and Quanlee. Kaila sees her chance, and pins Tam Mee and Quanlee to the ground by surprise. She then grabs her friends, and drags them onto the ship, catching it just before it leaves port, not before stealing a few tickets from the merchant's booth, however. The team, along with the small animal, enters the ship, and they are able to escape the three girls' wrath just in time.

At sunset and while on the ship's deck, the team soon finds out that the animal is a lemur, to which Kaila expresses shock over the fact that lemurs even exist. Mina eventually finds a tag that says "Momo", and Kaila, in extreme excitement, tells Mina and Chen that the lemur is in fact the Avatar, Aang's, old lemur. Momo licks Kaila in happiness, to which she giggles. Meanwhile, Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee get ready to follow the team, though Mitsuki finds out that the team is traveling to Kein Forest. Quanlee states that's a "bummer", though Mitsuki instead says that now, the loss could in fact result in an immense victory for the Fire Nation. Tam Mee and Quanlee are confused, though Mitsuki simply smiles evilly. The chapter closes with Mina, Kaila, Chen, and now Momo's ship sailing off into the sunset.

Production Notes

  • The idea of bringing back Momo was originally supposed to be in Chapter 15, when he saves the team from Yi.
  • The chapter was actually written before Things That Ended was (on a Word document), and a scene in which Kaila tells Chen of her past had to be scratched as a result of that already happening in the previous chapter.


  • The long lost cabbage merchant appears in this episode, having his cart destroyed by both Kaila and Mitsuki.

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