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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

Biographical information

Air Nomads, Spirit World

Birth place

Northern Air Temple


Spirit World




2991 BG


2894 BG

Physical description


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Pokai, Avatar Zentai, Team Avatar

Chronological and political information

Guardian of Weatherbending


Spirit World

Algaion was an Airbender from the Northern Air Temple who, over 3,000 years ago, became the first Airbender to master its Weatherbending art.

He is a spirit guide in The Weatherbenders.

Life on Earth

Algaion was born to two unknown parents at the Northern Air Temple in 2991 BG. What is known is that he began his Airbending training at age six. As a kid with a goofy personality, Algaion did not pay attention much in his classes. However, he slowly but surely became more disciplined, and advanced his Airbending.

He became an Airbending master, and eventually an instructor, where he served for twenty-nine years. During this time, he traveled to the Eastern Air Temple and met his eventual wife. The couple had two children during their marriage.

At age 55, Algaion was appointed to the Northern Air Temple's Council of Elders. He served on the council for the remainder of his life.

When Algaion was 63, he was granted the ability to Weatherbend. He mastered its arts within Air, but very rarely used them, and even if he did, for very minor purposes. However, he worked together with Avatar Zentai and Pokai as the original Weatherbenders.

Spirit World

At his death at age 97, Algaion was called to the Spirit World, where he, Zentai, and Pokai all stood as the guardians of Weatherbending.

Around 2,500 years before the War, Algaion noticed the change of behaviors with Weatherbending, seeing it being used for self-gain and threatening balance to the world. Him, Zentai, and Pokai agreed to pull all knowledge of the art of weather from the world. After doing so, they handed this knowledge to knowledge spirit Wan Shi Tong.

In 102 AG, Algaion, Pokai, and Zentai met to the news that Weatherbending's knowledge had escaped into the human world, and it was being used to threaten the new balance established by Avatar Aang. The three would later enlighten Aang, Katara, and Zuko, the Weatherbending-capable members of modern-day Team Avatar. Algaion and Zentai teamed up to enlighten Aang, as Algaion carried preliminary knowledge of Airbending within weather.

He continues to help with instruction, assisting the human Weatherbending instructor for Team Avatar, Reeaki, who is a Firebender only.

Algaion hopes to bury Weatherbending forever after the ordeal is over.

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