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Alex Chambers
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Sato Mansion



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Dirty Blonde

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Kelly Masters, Avatar Korra


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Chapter One

Alex Chambers is the main character in the Avatar fanon Chain Lightning. Born in a small town in our world, Alex had a normal life until his senior class went on a trip to a local research lab resulted in his transportation to Republic City and his development of electric based abilities.


Not much is known about Alex's life prior to the start of the series. Alex met his longtime friend Kelly Masters in kindergarten. His father was in the United States Army Rangers, and taught Alex how to fight from a young age before he was killed in Afghanistan five years prior to the start of the series. Kelly mentions that while they were in school, Alex often got into fights with the school bullies and was 'suspended every other week' as a result.

On the morning of his senior class trip, Alex awoke later then usual and fell down his stairs as a result of his rushed attempt to get dressed and get to school. Despite his truck breaking down and forcing him to run, he managed to arrive just before the bus left and was able to go on the trip, something that would change his life forever.

At Wolf Creek Labs, Alex and Kelly explored on their own and came across the experiment of Doctor Tannan. Tannan's experiment, based on that of the free electricity experiments of Nikoli Tesla, proved to be extremely volatile and exploded.

Blinded and deafened, Alex found himself in an alleyway in Republic City. After a short time, his senses returned and he was able to stumble out of the alley, right into the path of Asami Sato. Although he managed to avoid being run over by the heiress, the effort left him drained and he passed out in Asami's arms.

Asami took Alex back to the Sato Mansion, feeling that Alex's injuries didn't warrant a trip to the hospital. When he came too, Alex fabricated a story about memory loss, feeling the Asami wouldn't believe the details of what had really occurred. Using the lie to his advantage, Alex learned everything he could about this new world and began the long process of settling in.

Two weeks after the accident, Alex discovered his ability to control electricity. Alongside Asami, he began to experiment with his newfound powers, constantly testing his limits.

After three months, Alex had landed a job as a courier with a small delivery company, becoming friends with a young man named Han. He had also convinced June Akira, a crew member on the airship Kumano to search her route between Republic City and Omashu for Kelly. However his search continued to turn up nothing, and Alex began to grow desperate in locating his longtime friend.


Alex is a complex young man who often uses sarcasm as a means of conveying his thoughts. Along with this, he is short tempered and often swears and shouts insults at his enemies. Thanks in part to his temper, Alex often finds himself in the center of a brawl, a fact which he seems to welcome with open arms. In fact, Kelly, his oldest friend, once stated that Alex was 'good best friend material, but not a good boyfriend.'

Despite this, Alex has a sweet and caring side that he rarely shows, usually with Asami or on more rare occasions Korra.


Electricity: Chief among Alex's abilities is his ability to control and manipulate electricity. Because of this, he is often confused with being a firebender. However, his abilities extend far beyond that of a firebender in that he can both manipulate and absorb lightning. As a side effect, Alex is naturally immune to any and all ill electrical effects.

Healing: Following the development of his electrical abilities, Alex's healing ability was greatly increased. In its passive state, it allowed Alex to heal from third degree burns in only a few days. When actively absorbing electricity, it is accelerated to the point that broken bones and other serious wounds are healed within moments.

Notes and Trivia

In real life, Alex Chambers is a female MMA fighter hailing from Sydney, Australia. The same name between the two is purely coincidental.

Alex's abilities and appearance are inspired by Cole MacGrath, the main character from inFamous and inFamous 2.

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