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Earth Kingdom



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Xin Fu, Yu, June, Nid


Blade, Quiver,Hammer, Ka-Boom, Grain, Police

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Chapter VI:Wei's Journey

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Alden, sometimes known as Alden the mushroom, was a drug dealer in the Earth Kingdom. He owned a massive cactus farm in his clay palace, located near the center of the Si Wong. He once attempted to sell cactus juice to June, but was stopped by Blade. He ran to his clay palace, but was followed by Blade and his friends. He and Nid then fought against the police force. He fought Grain, and lost what little chance he had of victory when Hammer interfered. While he was down, Ka-Boom put a bending inhibitor on him. He was then captured, and taken to Ba Sing Se Prison.


Alden was a person who is willing to exercise lethal force whenever possible, as seen in Chapter VI: Wei's Journey. Although he can easily sell his cactus juice himself, he prefers to have people like Nid, Xin Fu, and Yu do it for him.


Alden was a skilled Sandbender, as he was able to prolong defeat when he fought Grain, who had been able to manipulate several square feet of sand (though when Grain did this he had been fueled by anger). He is also able to manipulate sand without having to see is, as he was able to control the sand in Xin Fu's throat.

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