By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Alam GDA
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place



Fire Nation


20 dog years

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice



Zuko, Azula, GB, Team Avatar


Blue, Hougen

Chronological and political information



Fire Nation (formaly), Team Avatar (current)



First appearance

Book 1: water -

Alam is a snout-less dog who travels with Zuko to find The Avatar.

Book 1:Water

Alam first appears when they arrive at the South Pole. He at first demands the Avatar and threatens to tear the village apart. He was about to go back to the ship when he glances back and sees the Avatar and The Ohu and charges at them, only to be shot back by Korra, collapsing into some Water Tribe jars. He went back in the fight and corners Aang and Weed but was shot into Zuko by Aang's air punch. He manages to bite Aang but Weed throws him away. He and Zuko were shot back into their ship and were sent on their way.

Book 2: Earth

Alam appears later with Zuko when they arrived back at the Fire Nation Ti get assistance from Azula. When Hougen came in, alam insisted that he needed to wait until they were finished talking, getting thrown around and beaten up as a result. He was sent on his way along with Zuko and Azula and weren't aloud to return unless Aang was with them.

When they arrived in Ba Sing Se, Alam went to get some supplies when a thief snatched all their money! As he was chasing him, he runs strait into GB. He at first wasn't sure what to say, giving the fact of what Zuko said earlier about if the mission was worth while. He spoke privately with GB and oddly found his money bag. He told GB what happened to them while at the Fire Nation and with Hougen. He also mentions that Zuko has changed since their visit to the north, and it was now that they realized that both Team Avatar and the royalty had crossed paths with Blue. After their conversation, they went their separate ways.

He shows up later fighting Hougen. He and GB figured out that he was lying to everyone and knocks him along with himself down to the battle field. He fights Abit more with Hougen but was grabbed and being thrashed around again until Aang was attack and he was let go.

Book 3: Fire

Alam didn't get much role in the arc except right before the invasion. He brings up a very good point when he thinks that they should call of the invasion all togeather, thinking that there forces are so good, that Ozai fled from the fight. But however the only person that agreed with him was Hook, and they both weren't alloud to join in the invasion for insubordination.

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