By SSJ-Trunks Part of the The Black Shadow continuity.
Akuma is a main villain in the fanon The Black Shadow by SSJ Trunks
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Akuma was born in the Fire Nation Capital in 65 AG to a family of soldiers and general that had served the Fire Nation since the beginning of The War and its mourned that his grandfather Shin killed Monk Gyatso after seeing his brother killed by the Airbender. Akuma served in the war for 4 years but that all changed when he met Master Pakku at a skirmish in the north arctic. Akuma was captured and after 3years in prison while receiving therapy by Pakku he was declared reformed and allowed to stay in the tribe. However when the Fire Nation attacked Akuma could not bring himself to fight against them was captured and brought to a srcret training camp headed by non other than Waku and his evil was reawakened as Akuma knew he'd go back to his nation at some point and didn't resist.

The Black Shadow

Akuma is now a general serving under Waku and is part of The Zabatsu a Fire Nation Military spec ops division. He commanded the Attack on the Southern Water Tribe but after confronting his old friend was forced to retreat. After returning to HQ Akuma was left humiliated and was taken off the Mission to the Fire Nation. In a conversation later on Akuma talks about how is thinking about betraying Waku as he was beginning to become power-obsessed. He later reappeared In Book 2 when he went on a scout mission to the North Pole with Waku because of their lost contact. Akuma was seen being dragged away by the mysterious tribesmen. He is rescued by Waku and Aang later on.


Master Level Firebending- Akuma's Firebending benefits greatly from his friendship with Pakku as he learned to incorporate unique Waterbending stances and moves

Water-Fire- Akuma can perform several Waterbending moves but with Firebending, for example the fire whip and fire run.

Death Beam- Akuma can fire a high intensity beam out of his eyes at any target and can cut through even meteorite.

High Level Resistance- Akuma can tolerate massive amounts of pain before his brain even registers it meaning his focus on the battle is never disrupted

20 years of Fire Nation Tatical Training- Akuma's bulky but not stupid he was a key planner of the coup of Ba Sing Se helping Princess Azula by providing valuable intel.

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