Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Aku no - The Avatar Story of Evil in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Aku no - The Avatar Story of Evil
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It's a little known fact, but in 8 BG, there was an attempt on Firelord Sozin's life. Naturally, it was unsuccessful, but what if it had been? Indeed, this fanon combines that 'what if' with the story of evil.

Due to Sozin's assassination, Azulon had never been born, so there was an enormous struggle for power over whether it should be the Firelord's niece, Princess 'Rin', or his nephew, Prince 'Len' who should take the throne. This was further complicated by the fact that at the time, the twins were only six years old.

A civil war ensued, and Len was supposedly killed. Princess Rin was Crowned Firelord, and after a few years things calmed down.

And so, the scene is set, for the tragic tale; the dramatic 'story of evil'.

Main Characters


The fourteen year old Firelord, also known as the daughter of evil by her long suffering subjects. As she led a sheltered life, she remained oblivious to the problems her kingdom faced, leading her to become selfish, spoiled, and somewhat cruel. Despite this, she cares deeply about those closest to her, in particular her favorite servant, Len.

She was a skilled firebender, although due to never having any need to fight herself, was extremely under practiced. She always found someone else to do her dirty work, (including many executions) and as a result, she was highly feared.


Once believed to have died in a political combat, Prince Len was in fact secretly adopted by one of the royal guards, Raion. In time, he got himself a job working as a servant for Firelord Rin herself, although he kept his identity a secret. He was an incredibly selfless person, always putting his family before himself. This, unfortunately, proved to be his biggest weakness.

Like his sister, Len was a firebender, although he mostly used this skill in cooking.


The Chief of the Northern Water Tribe, and the person Rin wished to marry. He was little more than a figurehead king; his mother, Purimu was the one who made all the important decisions, albeit behind his back. He was naive about the true situation the world found itself in, and as a result, made a fatal misjudgement.

Kaito was not a waterbender, but was a very skilled swordsman, an ability he was very proud of.


Len's adopted sister, and later, a rebel leader. She was tough, tomboyish, and loved to fight. Although she loved her brother, she was secretly jealous that he prioritized the tyrant Firelord, something which would drive her actions later. She was very fond of a drink called 'blood grave' which no one else could seem to stand.

Meiko was a non bender, and proud. She had trained all her life with a fencing sword, and by the age of 15 could be considered the best in the country. She was famous for wearing specially designed red armour.


The only Air Nomad in the world to be a non bender. Her entire lineage were airbenders except for one ancestor, many years ago. This made her feel excluded and insignificant. She would often visit a particular tree in the forest, and wish for friends. Unbeknownst to her, this wish was heard by a spirit.

She was not a bender, and was a pacifist, with no fighting skills whatsoever.


Originally named Mikuo, He was the spirit of eld who heard Haku's wish. He sought the help of the sorceress, Elluka, and with her magic was transformed- much to his surprise- into a beautiful airbender girl named Miku.

A powerful airbender, Miku preferred to use her powers to make mischief rather than fight; however, she was perfectly happy to fight if someone she loved was threatened.


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