Blood Brothers
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Aku no - The Avatar Story of Evil



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October 9, 2012

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Birds of a Feather

It was a warmish evening, muggy and peaceful. Also- Len's day off. Despite that fact, he had been at the Firelord's palace for most of that day anyway. After all, it was more than a job to him. Now, and night approached, he walked slowly home, enjoying the light breeze.



He cringed in embarrassment. This was the third time this week Meiko had managed to scare him. She threw back her head with a huge belly laugh. Her sense of humour was not her strong point. After a while, Len started laughing along with her, and they continued for a few minutes.

" Hey, baby brother, on your way back from the palace, right? "

"Well, yes. Rin asked me to come."

Meiko's face fell, and she looked over her shoulder nervously.

"You spend too much time there. You're hardly ever at home with me and dad these days."

Len sighed.

"Well, she is my sister."

"I know. But So am I."

He didn't answer. By now, Meiko was getting a little angry.

"Aren't I?"

Still no answer. This hurt her. She felt she had every right to be jealous- after all, she had been the one who looked after him when he was little. Who was there for him, the one who trained with him- and paid the price. This Firelord was nothing but a childish brat. Also, it was widely believed, the 'daughter of evil'. Blood may be thicker than water. But you cannot live without either. This thought gave Meiko an idea.

"Len, give me your hand."


"Jut do it."

Len knew better than to argue when her voice went quiet like that. He held out his hand, and as quick as a flash, Meiko drew her sword, and slashed it across his palm. He almost cried out in shock, and pain, but stopped himself when he saw her do the same to her own hand, gritting her teeth, and remaining silent, like a true warrior. Then, with her cut hand, she took his, and Len finally understood. It was a rush of revelation.

" I'm sorry, Meiko. I..."

"Its all right, little brother. I just wanted you to know how much I care about you. In this family, we look out for our own. And now we really are connected- blood brothers. Promise me nothing will come between that."

Len smiled. "I promise"

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