The Tyrannical Firelord
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Aku no - The Avatar Story of Evil



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October 9, 2012

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Destiny Divided

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Despite the best efforts of both Raion and Malia, as well as the sorceress, Elluka, the land did fall into civil war. Princess Rin led a very sheltered childhood, and on the day of her fourteenth birthday, was crowned Firelord of a broken kingdom. Shortly after, she was reunited with her brother. Although Len did not tell her who he was, for fear of it spreading, the young Firelord clearly had an affinity for this bright young servant, which no one could explain. He was the one person she trusted above all others, and they spent much of their time together. To him, she was the world.

There were many aspects of her rule, however, which made him feel a little uncomfortable. The Firelord was naive, and to those she favoured, spoiled sweet. To others, simply spoiled selfish. The lands grew poor under her extravagant reign, and the people grew hungry. Anyone who spoke out against her was executed; some said by the fire of her own hand. One had to be very careful about how to speak to Firelord Rin. A single mistake could be your last. Len suspected that Rin didn't truly know the consequences of her actions, to put it bluntly- that people die when they are killed. He never mentioned this to her.

The Firelord's favorite food was a special kind of cake, which she would eat every day at three o clock. Although she had many servants, the only one she would permit to cook for her was of course, Len. This was a job he performed more than happily; it gave him the chance to firebend in a way which would not hurt anyone. He had had an unfortunate accident when he was younger, which left his sister, Meiko, with a burn to her face, and himself with a distinctive scar on his arm. His colleague, Teto, often joked that this was the only foolproof way to tell the Firelord and the servant apart. Len would pretend to laugh along with this, both glad and miserable that everyone believed him to be dead still.

Life at home for Len could not be more different than his working life. Raion was fairly well of, but by no means rich, so the family had enough to get by. He taught the skills of swordsmanship to his daughter, who in turn, attempted to teach the to Len. This did not work. He much preferred to firebend, but knew he no longer could around Meiko. Ever since that day, Meiko had taken a hatred to bending which had never been undone. After a while, Raion had taken Len aside, and given him a chat about letting sleeping dogs lie. This seemed wise. When she was angry or scared, Meiko punched harder than anyone he knew.

Life was good for Len, and wonderful for Rin; although at the time she viewed it as satisfactory. Unfortunately, their happiness was not to last, as soon a chain of events were to be triggered that would leave no one's lives untouched.

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