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Aku no - The Avatar Story of Evil



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October 8, 2012

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The Tyrannical Firelord

It was a muggy day, late in summer when the news of the Firelord's death was received. Malia Futapi, a trusted guard and friend to the royal family, was among the first to know.

She would remember that moment as long as she lived. She had been sorting some files at her home, in preparation for the following day, when a group of soldiers bust in, and explained the situation. As she listened, she pursed her lips, and tapped on the page with her pen. She knew she would need to act quickly. Without a moment to spare, she rushed out of the building, saddled up her ostrich horse, Yue Se Fen, and set off for the home of the royal twins, knowing that they would surely be in danger.

It was a long journey, and by the time she arrived, it was twilight. Malia feared she was too late, a thought reinforced by the ominous smoke, issuing from the roof. She approached, cautiously, drawing her sword. She knocked twice on the door; no reply.


As quick as a flash, she busted open the door, breathing heavily like a maniac. There in the room, she saw the twins, still alive, and next to them was her old friend, Raion, Firebending the place alight.

"You." She growled. "Of all people, I thought you were the one I could trust."

"It's not what it looks like!"

Raion struggled to compose himself. The young Prince Len clung to his coat, scared of the shouting. Malia lowered her voice to a dangerous whisper.

"Then you had better tell me what it is."

"Look, you know as well as I do that the Firelord's death puts us all in an awkward situation. The fact there's two heirs- never mind that they're children- could spell out civil war. I was going to make this place look like it had been atacked. Then, I would take the prince home with me, and raise him alongside my daughter. In time, the Princess would become Firelord, and until then, a suitable regent would be found."

Malia considered this for a minute. It made a little sense: she knew Raion. This was exactly the kind of hairbrained scheme he might come up with. And it just might work. There was just one more question.

"Why the Prince?"

To her surprise, it was he who answered.

"Raion's my best fwend. Len go with Raion."

The man smiled that awkward grin as if to say, "See?" Malia nodded slowly. It seemed that this way, hundreds of lives could be spared. It was the only option.

"Come on little guy."

Raion laughed and hoisted the Prince onto his shoulders before making for the door. It was then that Malia heard the sound that would haunt her for the rest of her days; the noise which ingrained the day in her memory. The Princess, who until that moment had been completely silent, began screaming for her brother; would he please come back, she didn't like to be alone in the dark.

There was nothing that could be done. From that moment, everything had changed forever.

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