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Southern Water Tribe

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Southern Water Tribe


112 AG

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Former commander in the United Forces


Southern Water Tribe



Akkotuk is a waterbending master from the Southern Water Tribe, and a former pupil of master Katara. He is also a former commander in the United Forces. He is the husband of Ahita and the father of twin sons, Ataro and Tzenno, who are both fire benders.


Akkotuk was born into the Southern Water Tribe in 112 AG, the oldest son of one of its most powerful families. In his youth, Akkotuk was trained to master waterbending by master Katara

Akkotuk joined the United Forces, eventually meeting Ahita, a firebender who would eventually become his wife. Akkotuk spent over a decade away from the Southern tribe, living on the coast of Ember Island with Ahita. The two eventually had twin sons, Ataro and Tzenno, who developed firebending abilities at an early age. Eventually, Akkotuk would return to the Southern tribe, bringing his wife and sons with him. Unfortunately, most of his family had settled in Republic City

Akkotuk hardly left the South after this, eventually allowing his sons to join the United Forces, where they also both climbed up the ranks, eventually being placed under general Iroh's command. However, in 170 AG, Tzenno would be seriously injured during the destruction of the first division; Ataro was unharmed. It would take several months for Tzenno to recover, and both of his sons returned to the South.

In 171 AG, Akkotuk gladly welcomed chief Unalaq and his children to the south alongside his family. As tensions grew between the south and the north, Akkotuk persuaded Ahita, Ataro and Tzenno to leave the south and head for Republic City, where he knew his family would take them in until the conflict had ended. Along with Rarruk, Siku and Sura, he aided in defending the sick and vulnerable during Tonraq's attempted retaking of the south from Unalaq.




Akkotuk is master waterbender.

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