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Akira Kita
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The Green



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Ice dagger and claws

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Red Demon


Fenn, Libertarians, Clandestines

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Chapter 4: The Green

Akira is a secondary protagonist of Gods of War. She is a savage from the Green and seems to possess a connection with the land.


Early Life

Not much is known about Akira except that she is part of a tribe in the Green. As the world became more technological groups of people regressed into savagery, living off the land in the simplest of ways.

Meeting Fenn

Collecting roots from a lake in the Green she first met Fenn and Colette. The two tried to introduce themselves but startled by something the girl ran off. When the lake was then lined with dynamite in order to expose the paranormal hideout Fenn had discovered Akira showed up again. Before the explosives could be stopped Akira was hit by them and greatly injured. Fenn came to her aid but all the girl could see was the Smiling-Mask Demon on him and ran off before he could help.

When the slimy demon in the Republic was destroyed by Tariq's laser Akira woke up in her hut obviously distraught by its death.

Weeks later Akira headed to the Eastern Domain, aware that something was wrong there (other than a civil war declared by a global triad). Getting through guerrilla Libertarian forces and guards she managed to enter the city. Once in she took Fenn as hostage, causing Colette to order a cease fire, and led the boy through the city to Mapleday Chapel. Here she found the wounded Red Demon and healed it, before parting ways with Fenn.


Not much is known about Akira's personality. Like timid wild animals she too is intimidated by the presence of outsiders, quick to flee from them.

She also has a temper, seen when she went to attack Fenn for trying to help her.



Akira is a skilled waterbender. She can move streams into satchels for collection but uses her waterbending in more offensive ways. She can take water from live vegetation.

Using waterbending she can manipulate the size and shape of her ice dagger and by running her fingers through water she can cloak them in ice to create claws.

Connection to Demons

It seems Akira has a connection to demons. This is evident when she envisions the Smiling-Mask Demon on Fenn's head and when she is awoken by the death of the Slime Demon and also when she knows to head to the Eastern Domain to find the Red Demon


She appears to have sound healing abilities, as shown in Chapter 7 where she healed a wounded Red Demon.


  • Akira is inspired by the Studio Ghibli character Princess Mononoke.

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