By Gingalover Part of the Era After Gods continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Southern Air Temple isles




209 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color
  • Brown (Normal)
  • Blue (Osorete)
  • Green (Sentoki)
  • Red (Akuma)
  • White (Kenshin)
Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Mejiro, Fukuro, Batu ,Okui

Akira is an awkward waterbender born along the coasts of the Southern Air Temple Islands.


Akira, while normal, is usually considered friendly and considerate towards others. However, she suffers from a multiple-personality disorder, which causes her personality to fully switch around depending on what times and what situations. Her eyes change color depending on which persona is dominant. She is fully aware of which persona comes out at which time.

  • Blue is Osorete, who is very shy and has difficulties to express feelings. This persona is the weakest and is mostly there for moral support. While Osorete herself is the most shy of the personas, she's often the most dominant due to Akira's own shyness. Osorete becomes dominant when Akira becomes overly worried or anxious about something or someone.
  • Green is Sentoki, who is the most adventurous amongst the personas and the most useful. Sentoki doesn't come up as often, but when she does, she tends to go right into situations without much thought, just for the thrill of it all. She's very athletic, but not very strong. This persona becomes dominant whenever Akira's in a dangerous situation (unless she is caught off guard and pinned down first).
  • Red is Akuma, the most aggressive of the personas. This one is the one Akira doesn't like bringing out too often, as Akuma is very hot-headed and not afraid to tell someone off for whatever reason goes on in her mind. While her idea to fight resembles Sentoki's, Akuma fights without much resistance on her opponent. This persona becomes dominant whenever Akira becomes deeply angered or emotionally stressed.
  • White is Kenshin, the most mature and most serious one of the personas. She's is the rarest to come out, but when she does, Kenshin is shown to be very smart in strategy, tactics, and teamwork, much like a soldier would. The reason Kenshin is so rare is because Akira isn't sure how Kenshin becomes dominant, as Kenshin appears to become dominant without much triggering on Akira's part.



Akira's bending style level depends on which persona she is. While Brown, Blue and Red aren't very good at waterbending fighting, Green and White are highly skilled in the art.

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