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The Snake, Kin Slayer

Birth place

Kuro Village

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The Raven Rose


Kuro (brother), Amira (daughter)



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One Hand

Akira was one of the veteran warriors of the First War. He wielded the Raven Rose but was infamously known for his handicap as having an amputated arm.


Akira was the younger son of the Chief of Kuro Village and so had a name different from the usual 'Kuro' like his brother. Kuro and Akira lived to witness the war between Spirits and humans.

Kuro had been honored with a Daisho of the Black Soul and the Raven Rose. Unfortunately, a spirit attacked and razed their village, killing everyone. Akira and Kuro tried to fight them but Akira's arm was badly mangled by Tsume. As Kuro was disarmed of the Raven Rose, Akira took it and used it to cut off his ruined arm and cauterize it.

Akira joined in the fight against Tsume and distracted him enough for Kuro to kill him. With no home left, Akira kept the Wakizashi and joined the war on the Spirits. He fought on many battlefields.

Byakuyas death

Akira nearly died from Kurotama's shadow blast, as it infected him.

Akira fought many Spirits both alone and with other warriors including a Nifrin witch Elasa, whom he became friends with. Akira fought both Akahito and Hakki but was not strong enough to defeat either of them. Akira became involved in the final battle. When Kuro was severely wounded at Shadow Hill, Akira and the Azusa, the wielder of the Thorn Cutter, fought with Kurotama.

Akira's brother, Kuro, became a Dosh Rak in the aftermath of the war and was forced to fight him along with the other wielders of the Ish Kash.

Powers and Abilities

Akira was a powerful opponent who was often underestimated for his disability. Taking advantage of his perception, he used the physical power of the Raven Rose, which was incredible speed and agility, to hit an enemy before they could realize what was happening. Only a few were strong enough to hold out, such as Akahito and Hakki.

As an Ish Kash wielder, Akira drew his power from the weapon and magic. The Raven Rose had the mental power to reflect the user's emotions and specifically which if one was a master. The physical power was superhuman speed and agility on par with a Nifrin witch.


Akira using his unique form of Ish Tocha.

Akira still realized the limit of his disability. He had Elasa make him a unique cloth strap to turn into Ish Tocha, or ghost chains. As Ish Tocha, they can extend and fire at intense speeds and cut with deadly efficiency. The cloth can also transmit electricity and magic spells. The cloth served as a sort of 'battle prosthetic', replacing his lost arm.


Gin Shinso

Notorious for his smiling and sarcastic narrative, many feared Akira for what he said over what he did.

Akira was considered inhuman by his peers for his permanently wide grin. Akira kept up the charade of smiling and laughing because that was how he managed to hold his sanity when he cut his own arm off to prevent infection.

He has since expanded on this and used it and his disability to entrap and trick his opponents and allies alike. Akira was a fast and cunning individual who often laughed and joked in battle, even prolonging fights for the sake of it. Despite this unsettling behavior, Akira is still close with his brother and friendly with the Nifrin witch, Elasa.

His ruthless cunning earned him the nickname of "The Snake". Akira rarely fought from the beginning, rather, he would participate later in the battle when the outcome seemed certain. This made Akira seem highly treacherous as he would let his own side suffer casualties before he joined.

He had a particularly hostile relationship with the Nifrin warrior, Nagrim, who considered him a crippled and a disgrace to Ish Kash wielders. Akira would laugh it off and proceed to save the warrior and mock him afterwards.


  • Akira is based on Gin Ichimaru from Bleach. While he has the same temperament, it is for completely different reasons.
  • Akira was left handed before he amputated his arm, making it ironic that he had to learn how to wield the Raven Rose one-handed and with his right hand.

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