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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.

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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Book 1: Water Chapter 18: The Smell of War

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Book 1: Water Chapter 18: The Smell of War

Aki is Avatar Kwan Chun's firebending master. She is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, and a major character in Avatar: The Smell of War.


History about Aki is unknown of her birth date, birthplace, childhood, teenhood, death and age of death. Recorded history on this woman was recorded when she met Avatar Kwan Chun.

The Avatar had traveled to the city of Yin La to master his final element. At a restaurant he had met a woman named Aki, becoming quick friends she had mentioned she was firebending teacher. Of course Kwan Chun, had mentioned he was the Avatar and had asked Aki to teach him firebending.

Aki, had gladly accepted and the two were off to start his firebending training. Two years had passed by, and the Avatar had learnt well from this woman, she aided him in the conspiracy plot against the Fire Lord.

That event had marked her name in the history books, of the Fire Nation. Until generations had passed by, and the historians had placed the books away. During the Hundred Year War, no one spoke of the history before the war had started.

The children were taught from the reign of Fire Lord Sozin to the current reigning Fire Lord Ozai. After the Hundred Year War, the history books were once again pulled out, and once again taught in the Fire Nation classrooms.

Later Life

It is unknown of Aki's later years, or when she died. But she was written down in the Fire Nation history books.


Aki, was born a firebender of great skill, apparently when she met Kwan Chun, she was already considered a master.


Avatar: The Smell of War

Book Three: Fire

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book One: Air


  • Aki is "sparkle, bright, autumn" in Japanese.

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