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Akee was an Airbending Avatar two cycles back from Aang. She was also a vegetarian, and had a very close relationship with animals.


In her time, there was a great task for her to do. At the age of 14, she was faced in the situation of what became known as The Second Great Divide. Because of their differences, the air and fire formed an alliance against the rising water and earth. She was faced with a great war and was faced with the choice of siding with her friends and family, or what she knew was right. In the end, she made a terrible mistake that split the air and fire apart from each other and caused the Air Nomads to separate completely from the world. Alone, the Fire Nation fought until the bitter end, and both the air and fire were captured.

She realized if she was going to make things right again, Akee needed guidance. She went to the Spirit World and was dismayed to not find a single soul there. After a second trip, she saw one thing, a flashback to a moment in her life, that had ended differently. From this, she mastered a new type of bending: Timebending. With the new element in her grasp, she excitedly tested it out. And was startled and terrified at the results. All she had done was talk with her sister Lonna, and encourage her to become part of the airball team, and when she returned to the present, she had created time ripples, and her sister was dead. After that, she kept Timebending a secret; it still lurks in the corners, undiscovered by all except for one person, a selective descendant of Avatar Akee, Era, who learned it on her own, and uses it to correct her mistakes, unguided.

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