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Akahito was a malevolent Blood Spirit from ancient times that hunted humans and fed on their blood. He was one of the most active combatants in the First War and brother of Hakki.


Akahito was one of the Spirits that felt threatened by the rising prominence of men and joined others to hunt and slaughter them. He was the first to attack, by slaughtering an entire village and then painting the village in the victim's blood, his Himura. In this, he killed all the humans and even their livestock and cradled all their bones in the center of the village.

With the Nifrin joining them in the new war, Akahito's powers were particularly useful in countering the enemy. Akahito would fight many times but met his match in Kuro and Akira, human Ish Kash wielders.

Akahito was finally defeated when Kuro ventured to the Pillars of Memory to face him. Using his shadow powers and a Death Mask, Akahito was blind and Kuro dealt a death blow.

Powers and Abilities

Akahito was a very powerful blood spirit with mysterious abilities. He often bled his victims dry to feed on them, making his legend all the more gruesome. Akahito was special in that he could absorb the powers of opponents through their blood.

Akahito was covered in bandages and robes that were as sharp as steel. If blood touched these, Akahito could take the powers of the affected being. He could also blanket an area with the blood he has collected with his Himura ability. Akahito considers his Himura as a declaration of war.

Akahito was fast, strong and perceptive of his surroundings. Catching him off guard was nigh impossible. Akahito also had the power to travel between the earth and a realm called the Pillars of Memory, where his brother, Hakki, primarily resided.


  • Akahito is Japanese for Red person
  • Akahito is based on the character of the same name in Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. He is also loosely similar to Asura from Soul Eater.
  • Akahito is mischievous when he chooses to.
  • Himura is "scarlet village" in Japanese. It is an apt description of the village after he slaughtered it.

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