Airship battle
Airship Battle
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The Unknown



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Jack Cross

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September 7th, 2012

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Lee looked out over the fields to the shattered remnants of the outer wall of Ba Sing Se. It had only been a hand full of hours since the small group had arrived in the camp of the Order of the White Lotus. This had been a rather interesting for Lee, experience meeting this world's version of his old and fallen order. However, he knew that it was only a short amount of time before the Fire Nation Fleet unleashed a massive firestorm.

"Lee, this is my Uncle Iroh," said Zuko as he introduced his uncle to Lee. Lee bowed slightly out of respect.

"I've heard many stories about you General, its an honor to finally meet you," he said, Iroh returned the bow.

"The felling is mutual," said the aging General. The small group gathered around a campfire and bowls of food were passed out. Lee picked up a roll and dabbed slightly at the soup in his bowl.

"Lee, are you going with us to take out the air fleet or the Fire Nation Capital to help Zuko?" asked Suki. Lee didn't really answer as he studied the blueprints to the airships.

"I'd say we have our answer," said Sokka in amusement. But Aang's disappearance still had them slightly on edge. Although Lee wasn't very worried about Aang, as he knew that he could handle himself.

"Sozin's comet is arriving, and our destinies are upon us," said Iroh as he sat his bowl to the side. Both groups began to pack up, Zuko and Katara loading up Appa while Lee, Suki, Toph, and Sokka loaded up two lizard like mounts. Toph and Lee mounted one while Sokka and Suki mounted the other.

"Goodbye everyone, today destiny is our friend. I know it," said Iroh. With a rumble Appa sprang into the air. With a formal salute, Lee forced his mount forward with Sokka's, and together the two mounts and their riders raced though the ruble filled gap in the wall. The landscape and most of the day passed before they reached the sea on the far edge of the former Earth Kingdom. As the mounts swam though the sea, Lee took the time to double check and prepare his equipment for the upcoming fight.

"Are you ready for what's coming?" asked Toph as they covered the large amount of water.

"I faced Russian hordes, Korean death camps, and the death of the Avatar. I think I'm ready for a few airships and firebenders," he replied. Although he couldn't see her face in the fading light, he felt Toph squirm slightly with uncomfort.

"We'll be fine," he said in a reassuring tone. He felt her relax slightly, and then they spotted the island. Behind them, an unearthly orange glow began to fill the sky as the comet began to skim across the atmosphere. Standing on the beach, they dismounted and started up the slope in front of them.

"We're too late!" cried Sokka in defeat as the airships began to rise up in front of them.

"Where's the nearest ship?" asked Toph. Lee tensed his legs, as he knew what was about to happen.

"It's right there-" started Sokka, but was interrupted as Toph Earthbended them all into the air. But the angle at which they were launched messed up, sending Toph, Sokka, and Suki to one, while Lee was launched at another. They all landed on a gangplank below their ships, with Toph and Suki managing to catch Sokka before he completely overshot his landing.

"Take that half, I got this one!" called Lee as he straitened his helmet before he started to run. None of the crew members had been alerted to his presence yet, and he planned to use this to his utmost advantage. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched as the other's ship dived slightly and settled out low over the water for a moment before gaining speed and returning to right altitude, this time further ahead of the rest of the fleet in an attempt to catch up to the Fire Lord's ship.

Spotting the coast, Lee took a deep breath before he began his assault. With an Airbending assisted kick, he knocked a door open and startled many crew members inside. Instantly his sword was out of its sheath as he slashed and hacked his way though them. Alarms began to sound though out the ship as he ran, cutting down everyone in his path.

The whoosh of a Firebender releasing a burst of flame sounded behind him. With a quick duck, Lee landed like he was doing a push up, allowing the fireball to pass harmlessly overhead. Rolling over, he threw his sword like it was a spear and watched as the blade passed though the Royal Armor like it was warm butter. Using a forceful thrust with his feet, he shot into the air and landed on his feet, drawing his revolver in the process.

Recovering his sword, Lee sheathed the blade before he continued through the winding corridors. Stopping at a window, he watched as the other ships began to release a large never-ending wave of fire. Looking down, he spied a guard tied off to a cable. With a swing of his gun, Lee broke the window and pounced upon the guard in less than a second.

The guard was almost totally helpless as Lee fired a round the cut his line and then kicked him away from the ship. Holstering his revolver and securely rapping his arm around the cable, Lee took a deep breath before he jumped. Swinging like an ape on a vine, the Gunslinger was carried around the front of ship, in front of the glass windows of the bridge. He could see their shocked faces as he passed, just before he drew his small crossbow.

"Boom," he whispered simply before he squeezed the trigger. The bolt covered the distance between them in less than a millisecond, followed closely by the resulting explosion. Glass and debris rained down around him as the ship listed, then angled smashed into the ship on the starboard side. The impact jostled Lee around as he was launched high into the air before he released the cable. Using his Airbending again, he was able to navigate himself onto the next ship in line. Landing with a large thump and a slight roll, he was up on a knee in less than a second.

"Two down, four to go," he said to himself before he took notice of the large battle taking place before him. Aang had returned, and he was battling the Fire Lord. Glancing up, he saw another airship coming in low over the fleet. One by one, it smashed though the other ships before reaching the gap he had left behind and smashing into the one he was on.

Running and jumping, Lee landed on top of the new ship and rode it as it smashed though two more ships. Forced forward by the last impact, Lee landed on the last ship in the row. With a groan, he stood to full height and readied his revolver.

"It's been a long time, hasn't it Liam?" asked a voice. Spinning around, he cocked his revolver and pointed it at the newcomer.

"Jeremiah," he said, his voice a cross between a whisper of shock and a hiss of venom. Jeremiah shrugged slightly.

"Do you know any other?" he asked. Lee, or Liam was seeing blood red.

"You betrayed us, that day at the library, you betrayed us and left us to die," he said, ignoring the groan of metal as the other airships began to fall out of the sky.

"Please, the Gunslingers have seen their time, my friend. Nature stomps out the old and the weak, the order was both," said Jeremiah.

"And what about Isabella? You betrayed her as well," he said. Jeremiah shrugged slightly.

"One world's Avatar. With the technology we have I can rule this one without any sort of interference," said Jeremiah. Lee sighed slightly before he holstered his revolver.

"Introducing technology, eradication of an order, and murder of the woman I loved. Rot in hell you son of a bitch," said Lee calmly before he struck with his Airbending.

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