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Roeas Base 6
Biographical information
Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, water, swords, negative energy

Bending style(s)

Firebending, Waterbending, Negativebending

Chronological and political information
  • Daemon's second in command
  • Leader of the Marshalls

Daemon, Than



One of Daemon's second in command, she is sadist and her voice always booms over her enemies as though she is always making a speech, Airlia would doubtlessly follow Daemon's every command


Airlia is surprisingly very loyal to Daemon despite the long period of time that she has existed in the world, never intentionally getting a free will of her own and she is completely loyal to Daemon, this is shown by the fact of her cruelty and her desire for a raging battle which is mirrored by Daemon. Created from Daemon's will makes her a part of him in a spiritual sense, to that end she knows what is best for Daemon even if he doesn't know himself, she never questions his orders however once Daemon is resolute.

Seemingly she has a deep British tone and loves to make speeches especially ones that show her superiority over all life in the Avatar world, as essentially a part of Daemon's spirit she therefore doesn't change her physical shape since she was born from a Spirit Form unlike Daemon whom is born from Negative and Spiritual Energy, usually seen with Than and his constant military silence. She is the Voice of the Two (later Three) Marshalls, unlike Than whom is a silent Behemoth of a man while Adrien is a cocky individual whom likes to undermine the world as a whole, Airlia is seen as the leader of the Marshalls and has the leadership and obedience capabilities to prove it.



Airlia was created, not born, as a fragment of the Dark Avatar's will, revealed to have power far beyond a normal being other than the Avatar, Dark Avatar or another Marshall. She was "born" with a Mastery of Firebending and Waterbending, easily bringing stronger enemies to their knees with swift swordplay and using Negative Bending to corrupt the People, Animals and Spirits around her.


Powers and Abilities






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