Reaching the Eastern Air Temple
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March 29, 2012

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Airbending Master is the eighth chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Eastern Air Temple, 06:09

The eastern wind caressing gently through the leaves, the dew is dipping on the bushes, while the misty morning awoke Phoa from her dream realm. Joy and Fansha have walked around the temple, and they arrived at Sun Temple while Ratih and Phoa get a breakfast. Finished their meal, Phoa continued her training.

"Airbending!" Phoa jumped and make an air slash, but that don't making anything.

"Spiral move, remember!" Fansha and Monk Kiki said.

"Alright. Airbending!" Phoa yelled again.

But that's don't make anything. Phoa got frustrated, and start to be patient.

"Just like the seed... Just like the seed...." Phoa muttered to herself.

Finally, can't bend the air, she gives up and get a lunch.

Eastern Air Temple Dining Room, 10:08

"You must see it! It's unbelievable!" Phoa yelled to Monk Kiki.

"What're you talking about?" Monk Kiki asked.

"Bending Battle! I heard that last night in the radio!" Phoa said.

"What?! You still don't finished your training!" Monk Kiki said.

"But.... Just for one night... Please!" Phoa pleased to Monk Kiki.

"Alright. But, still under Sister Lio control."

"Yaay!" Phoa yelled.

So, Phoa, Ratih, Joy, Fansha, along with Sister Lio went to Bending Battle Arena while the other Monks and Sisters stay at Eastern Air Temple. The journey through the Bending Battle Arena is so far far away from Eastern Air Temple, so they should ride Nnawan, a flying bison from Eastern Air Temple.

Bending Battle Arena, 14:00

"We're late! Look, Raven Eagle just lose the battle! Oh why we so late?!" Phoa disappointed.

"Don't worry, Phoa. Blasting Jelly just start the battle now against Raven Eagle! Let's see!" Ratih said.


"Come on!" Joy and Fansha encouraged her.

"Alright. But, if Raven Eagle won, we stay. If lose, go back, ya?!" Phoa said.

"No, we couldn't the journey is far far away and you ignored that?!" Joy yelled.

"Mmm... Alright then. Hurry!" Phoa said.

The battle is so awesome. Raven Eagle is a group founded by Tasya, Freshia, and Destya. Tasya as waterbender, Freshia firebender, and Destya earthbender. Then, the Raven Eagle is created by Apria the airbender, Ifan the earthbender, and Rama the waterbender. Despite, Rama and Tasya with Ifan is a family. The battle is very famous, while the participants fought each other, and the guest view with the thrilled battle. But....

"What?" Ratih yelled.

The Battle Arena suddenly crowded by Oblivia and her army, and all of the doors and the windows locked. Oblivia attacks the crowds, and the army caught the participants.

"Oblivia!" Sister Lio yelled.

"What? Being fans of me?! Hahahahaha!" Oblivia said.

"What do you want, Oblivia?!" Phoa yelled at her.

"Whoa... Avatar Phoa is here!" Oblivia screamed.

Suddenly, enraged, while the golden flecks shattered by the dark blue, echoing through the chaos, darken the arena, the fire Avatar entered Avatar State. The quiet breezes suddenly destroyed by the Avatar, using the air tornado. The Mind Master frightened by the Avatar's power. The air tornado suddenly throw a spread of water, making the arena full filled by the water. Fortunately, the cops entered the arena while the Avatar realized her state, and the Mind Master are still in the arena.

"Your abilities.... That's the true Phoa!" Fansha yelled happily.

"I don't remembered anything. What happened to them?" Phoa said.

"You entered Avatar State that scared the army, and then Sister Lio called Police Cops for caught them." Joy told her.

"Wow. You're great! You must see that you're bend air!" Ratih amazed.

"C'me on! Let's go back and tell Monk Kiki about this!" Sister Lio said.

So, they go back and Phoa amazed by imagine that she used airbending.

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