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Airbending Lesson is the 7th episode of the fanon series, The Life of Team Avatar.


Aang's time has come, he has been waiting a long time, he wanted to learn how to control Airbending. How could he control, what moves could he do, how could he use that power? But once he went and been there, he thought wrong.


The Day I've waited for

I couldn't wait, I'm finally gonna learn how to Airbend. It was like a dream but I was wrong, it finally is. When I woke up, I started off as my regular routine but when it was supposed to be time to play with my friends, actually it was time for me to go to class. Luckily, all my friends were there.

"Aang, aren't you happy that you're gonna learn how to Airbend?" said Yino.

"Yes, I really am. I can't wait." I replied back to Yino.

Then Air Nomad boy came in and said, "I've talked with the older, trained kids. They said that there are thirty-six tiers of Airbending, in order to be a fully trained Airbender, you have to finish your thirty-six tier."

"Oh, that's a lot of work, what else." I looked at Air Nomad boy wisely and talked.

"Well, they also say that we will have to learn the Air Nomads traits and how we are." he looked toward me and said.

"Great!" Yino, who looked grumpy and kind of mad.

"Well, we are Air Nomads, so we will have to learn this. So, I think we'll learn this first, then Airbending, then whatever else," I said.

Monk Gyatso and Monk Tashi came to the room and we ended the conversation and sat down, then the monks explain themselves and told about who the Air Nomads, what are the Air Nomads' duty, and who are we, and mostly, where we came from and how we were formed.

Then, after the talking, me and my friends left and start talking.

"So now we know a little about ourselves," said Yino.

I was sad, "So this is what we came for. Gosh!" I said.

"No no no, come on," said Air Nomad boy.

We then left and went back to our regular routine.

Gosh! Has if only the day has got better.

As if only the day got better, well it didn't. We didn't learn anything about Airbending. Days got bad for me any I didn't want to go to class.

Each day, we kept on learning about the Air Nomads, we learned about the Mediation, the Food, the History (mostly the boriest time), and Air (which was kind of fun, not at all fun but little.)

I continue on with the regular routine, I just wish that if only, only if this time never happened then this wouldn't happen, I wouldn't be like this, I would be playing and enjoying. Then one day, on the last week of Summer, Monk Gyatso said that the Autumn is coming, so it's was time to learn Airbending but we would start learning a week later.

I've beening waiting and it has come.

Yes, this day has come, now I understand, Autumn is the season where Airbenders mostly start learning Air, it goes by season. Has I did on the first day of class, I did it again.

When I made it to class, I saw that Kur (the bully) got pranked and got fruit pie on his head and Ango (my prank friend) got in trouble with Gyatso but let him go cause he use to do that when he was a kid.

Then class begin, Gyatso and Tashi start talking of what we are gonna do, the first trick is to create air out of our hands.

"Well, wanna start together." Yino said.

"I don't know. Well, okayaayy!" I replied.

As we prepare, we start numbering.

"3" "2" "1" "GO!"

We did it but my air grew and all the air from my hand and his hand's air combined and created a big airball, then air was tooked from the students, and created a big airball, luckily, Gyatso controlled the airball and stopped it. He then studied me and brought Tashi and then left. I don't want it was about but it seems like if I've done something.

Anyway, it was fun and I really start enjoying the class.


  • I decided to put Aang has the main character and this would make him not know and keep this information secret. Just this story will be first person point-of-view.
  • I've been gone because I've been planning of what to write and how to make it interesting.
  • We should understand what Aang feels so this should help.
  • This is the mid-season finale for this season;

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