Airbending emblem
Maxnascie By Len Poles Part of the Xiaons continuity.
Aang on air scooter



Avatar Jakub Toporski, native Airbender

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Airbending (pol. Magia Powietrza) is Earthbending opposite. Fifth in terms of bending strength. Airbenders level of the fourth and fifth are blue tattoos. Airbender mainly avoids blows, is repealed, shall endeavour not to lead to clashes. Using air is trying to head off an opponent apart enough to take the time to the task of impact. The Warrior does not close hand in fist-fights, palms. Required is high flexibility of the spine. Thanks to the Airbender might literally "to sail in the air". Airbenders are more "circle" movements of the body.


  1. Not the most powerful control of nitrogen
  2. Shoot the air (nitrogen)
  3. The ability to control oxygen, fluorine and chlorine
  4. Ability to glide
  5. Control of the noble gases


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