By Mkamind Part of the Avatar Dimension continuity.

The Air Tribe is a collective term for a nation of people who practice the discipline of Airbending in Avatar Dimension.


Origin and beginnings

The origin of the Air Tribe was a group of blonde people from the same family. They tried to survive until they found a safe place under the protection of the phantoms in the ghost world. The land was under the rule of phantoms who protecting the air power stone. they lived there and grew up a small nation. They used to collect fruits and graze animals.

When the Avatar transported the new humanity to the new earth. Most of them took their airbending with them, they travelled until they found a huge area in the south, full of hills and mountains. They built buildings which suits the airbending life. they lived in a tribal life as one family.

Building culture

The Air Tribe started learning how to master airbending from the flying dromedaries. They used the air dromedaries to reach their homes on the mountains. They used them also in their farms on the hills and the valleys. They lived on farming and grazing. They used to by minerals and other materials from the other cultures.

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