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Air Republic
Physical information

Southern Hemisphere

Form of Government

Unitary directorial republic

Head of State

Air Republic Council

The Air Republic is a new sovereign state created by Linjon and Cuaiua a decade after the death of Avatar Korra. It was created to serve as the society of a new Air Nation separate from that of the Air Nomads. Its lands are comprised of several former Earth Kingdom territories that were left in ruin following King Wu's abolishment of the Earth Monarchy in 174 AG.


In the aftermath of the countless raids carried out by the Bouchang Pirates and their final defeat by both the town of Haiqo and the Southern Water Tribe, Linjon, an airbender in training, decided he would follow in the footsteps of Master Tirriu and reject the peaceful, nomadic teachings of the Air Nomads. After mastering airbending, he began recruiting members to his cause, forming the Order of Wan. Together with Xuhon, an airbender, and a waterbender named Cuaiua, they left the Southern Air Temple and traveled to the Southern reaches of the Earth Kingdom, beginning a small town there. Over the new few years, Linjon trained the airbenders in the style of Jeet Kune Do, far more aggressive than the Baguazhang style used by the Air Nomads.

Eight years after Avatar Korra's death, there now existed hundreds of homes within many towns, and Linjon was beginning to have greater plans for all of his citizens. Moving the towns to several locations around the coasts of the Southern territories, he finally founded what would be known as the Air Republic. They worked endlessly to fight off raids in the republic, eventually gaining the attention of many airbending masters and Air Nation representatives such as Masters Meelo, Ogomu and Lyo, Linjon's father. Failing to end the Air Republic before it could officially begin, the masters left.

The Republic was lucky enough to deal in trade with the Fire Nation and the United Republic but was excommunicated by the Air Nomads and the Water Tribes, angered over the actions of Avatar Korra leading to Earth Kingdom territories being taken over by Air Nomads since King Wu's abdication from the throne and the Earth Monarchy's disbandment.



  • Ujuan
  • Jamtso
  • Gyatso

Notable figures

  • Qang La
  • Zoddi
  • Gyinyan
  • Hoshu
  • Monpon
  • Jamphen

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