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Northern Air Temple fanart By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Northern Air Temple fanart
Air Nomads
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Northern Air Temple


Northern Air Temple

Form of Government

Monastic theocracy

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The Air Nomads are a Nation of the World of Avatar. Formerly exterminated by the Fire Nation, Avatar Aang has since created new Nomads through Energybending.


The Air Nomads were once a small, peaceful people situated in temples in the four corners of the globe. Following the death of Avatar Roku, Fire Lord Sozin sought to wipe out the new Avatar. On the day of Sozin's Comet, he launched a powerful attack on the Air Nomads, wiping out all but the one he sought to destroy.

Following the end of the War, Avatar Aang energybent many of the residents of the Northern Air Temple, giving them the ability to Airbend. He also opened up the temple to refugees, including Boreas.

Current life

The New Air Nomads have quickly become self-sufficient, being able to take care of themselves even after Aang's departure. Boreas, the highest ranking monk, supervises the children, teaches classes, and promotes well being at the temple.



Boreas, the most skilled Airbender of the new Nomads.

All of the Nomads are benders, much like the Air Nomads before them. Aang has installed a rigid structure of meditation, spiritual healing, and bending practice that ensures that the Air Nomads will prosper in the future.

Notable members

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