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This is a fanon article. For canonical information, see Air Nomad Genocide.

In the years following Roku's death, Fire Lord Sozin prepared a most diabolic plot. He planned to harness the power of a coming comet to exterminate the Air Nomads and simultaneously deal a decisive first strike and break the Avatar Cycle. And it worked. All airbenders, aside from Avatar Aang, perished in the inferno.

Or so was thought. Hellenic historian Herodotus thinks otherwise. Read his great historical works documenting the true tale of heroism and sacrifice in this disastrous last day.


"Sozin is planning something most terrible. He plans to exterminate the Air Nomads on the Day of the Comet."
―Avatar Roku

After the death of Avatar Roku, Air Nomads became concerned about the Fire Nation's rapid militarisation. It wasn't long until the eyes of the world were fixed upon the Fire Nation. Two years before the comet, Avatar Roku's spirit appeared to the Air Nomads' Council of Elders, warning them of the impending attack. Alarmed, the elders sought help from the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes. Neither were able to provide any help. In desperation, the council turned to the Hellenic Civilisation, begging for help.

Prime Academic Panagiotis agreed to help. Along with officers Philip Hellene and Nikkolas, he formulated the defensive plan. Three days before the comet, all Air Nomad women and children were evacuated from the temples and into the Evropian Plain. Remaining behind were the elders and young men. To fool the Fire Nation, airbenders from the Hellenic Army donned Air Nomad robes. They were accompanied by waterbenders dressed in Water Tribe clothing. Philip led the airbenders and Nikkolas led with waterbenders.

The Battle

Little is known about the day of the battle, owing to so few people surviving the conflict - Nomads, Hellenes or Firebenders. We do, however, have surviving accounts by Philip and Nikkolas. Both of them fought in the Southern Air Temple.

Philip's Account

The day was absolutely terrifying. Fire Nation soldiers, propelled by massive infernos, were able to reach the temples. As soon as they came within view, we attacked. We pushed back many soldiers. Some survived the fall with the use of flame propulsion; others were not so lucky. We had the first strike, but the Fire Nation had the next. Even the weakest of firebenders were able to generate massive infernos with every strike. We were nimble and able to avoid many flames and we were even able to destroy them with airbending. It was hard and draining. Soon, the firebenders arrived faster than we could fight them off. We had no choice but to fall back into the temples and hold them off until nightfall, when the comet passed.

I had the privilege of fighting alongside a rather brave nomad, an elder by the name of Gyatso. Although a pacifist, he was not afraid to kill those who tried to kill him. We backed into a small cave outside the temple, fighting powerful firebenders in the process. Gyatso was remarkably agile, being able to jump over, under and around the massive plumes of fire. Through quick but powerful air strikes, he took down many attackers. I span on my hands, kicking a powerful gust of condensed wind. Many soldiers failed to avoid it. One, using firebending, destroyed the massive air wave. We soon started a pattern, Gyatso would strike, I would get in front of him, parry an attack, launch a quick strike and we would repeat. This worked brilliantly until exhaustion kicked in. The old Gyatso had lost his fight. As I attempted to parry a blast, I bit off a little more than I could chew and was forced into the wall of the cave. When I awoke, the cave was scattered with the bodies of countless firebenders and, to my horror, Gyatso's corpse.

By midday, the great battle outside the temple was over and the only remaining resistance was isolated in the temples. The sky burned a bright red, probably due to the smoke of the temples, or the flaming comet in the sky. Regardless, the air was filled with the stench of death and charcoal. I was afraid, but knew I had to face the attackers. I air-jumped into a temple and air-kicked numerous times, followed by a few punches. Fire Nation soldiers fell like flies. Suddenly, my vision was enveloped with flames. I tried something never accomplished by an airbender before. I clasped my hands together and pulled them apart, as if swimming. I decided to test my hypothesis. Kicking, I rarefied the air into fire and scorched a firebender. I progressed down the hall, practising my new technique, and clearing out the firebenders. From my pocket, I withdrew my wireless transmitter and instructed Nikkolas in the usage of my conversion technique.

With a group of survivors, I retreated to the top of the temple. We were prepared to make a last stand. Looking from the windows, we rained down on the besiegers with powerful air blasts and a hurricane. We slowed the attackers. In unison, they each launched massive infernos at our position, being about to roast us. Nikkolas and his men came just in time. Nikkolas converted the fire into water and bended it at the firebenders. The water washed away the attackers.

We all disguised ourselves as firebenders, singing our robes and placing them over jumps of chard flesh and bone. We made our way back to the portals. We were finished.

Nikkolas' Account

We camped on Whale Tail Island, a few kilometres from the Southern Air Temple. The bulk of our defence was concentrated at that temple and my dear friend, Officer Philip, was stationed there. Last night, aided by some helpful Southern waterbenders, we were able to sink several Fire Nation cruisers and infantry transport ships. Presumably, the Fire Nation was building up for the attack. As day broke, they sky turned blood red with the comet's entry. More cruisers came into view, each carrying dozens of firebenders. We were able to sink two ships, but their massive infernos cost us greatly. We were forced to abandon the attack and fall back on the island.

I could see the destruction caused by the comet-enhanced firebenders. Three cruisers unloaded, depositing dozens of firebenders on the beach. Rather than fight them off, we stole their ships and propelled ourselves with waves. Deciding against stealth, we engaged in combat with the other cruisers. We launched icicles into the hulls, sinking a few ships and damaging others. Combining the force of many benders, we created large waves and blocked many infernos. Often, we were able to direct our waves into the ship and weigh it down, as well as flushing out firebenders. One of our captured ships was destroyed. Firebenders melted the hull, leaving my waterbenders to either evacuate or perish. At about midday, I received a radio message from Philip. He told me to use the conversion method we theorised before. My ship came under intense fire, but I managed to condense it to water and use it against the Fire Navy.

We landed at the temple. It was remarkably silent. I walked through the ruins, seeing skeletons of airbenders and firebenders alike. Philip's defence seemed to have taken its toll on the attackers, with the majority of skeletons being them. Unless, of course, the defenders were incinerated. The silence was broken by screams, orders and the amplified sound of fire. I saw a hurricane descend from the top of a temple, gathering up firebenders and throwing them away. We rushed to the temple.

The last firebenders were battling the last airbenders. It was time to tip the scales. When the firebenders gathered an almighty inferno, I converted it to water and flushed away the attackers. I met up with Philip. Knowing there were more firebenders to come, we disguised ourselves as firebenders and disembarked on the captured ships. We made our way back to the portals. I believed we should have called for reinforcements and struck the Fire Nation, but Philip believed it to be unwise.


The defence of the air temples came with mixed results. On one hand, most of the defenders were destroyed, with only the Southern defenders surviving, and the temples were all destroyed. On the other hand, the Air Nomads were safe in Hellas, and the Fire Nation believed the nomads to be extinct.

While it did delay the Fire Nation's war efforts by 15 years, it forced Hellas out of the war for over 90 years, keeping the politicians debating about their course of action.

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