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Sister Iio and Air Nomad children
Air Nomad Clans
General information

Lio Jinora

Notable members
  • Jinora
  • Ikki
  • Meelo
  • Rohan

Air Temple Island

  • United Republic of Nations (formerly)
  • Air Nation

Rebuilding Air Nomad culture and society

The Air Nomad Clans are the descendants of Avatar Aang and his son Tenzin. They are still rebuilding their culture and society, expanding back into their ancestral lands.


In 100 AG, Avatar Aang was the last airbender in the world. His third and final child was Tenzin who was also an airbender, had four children that were also airbenders. When they grew up they became patriarchs and matriarchs to families that took their names. These families eventually expanded into the four Clans.

Clan Jinora is recognized as the most situated and powerful of the Clans. They reside on Air Temple Island where their head elder is both councilor of the Republic Council and the de facto leader of the Clans. Sister Lio Jinora currently holds this post.

Clan Ikki and Meelo are considered the wild nomads of the culture. The most numerous, they have many free-traveling nomads while also resettling the Western Air Temple.

Clan Rohan is the youngest and smallest Clan with less than a hundred members. It feels uneasy settling down or splitting up. They wish to grow but have yet to choose a place to stay for various reasons.

With the Outbreak of the war on the coastlands, the Clans were involuntarily dragged in. The Policy of the Fire Nation has been to bring no harm to the Air Nomads or their followers, the Air Acolytes.

The Air Nation

With the military supremacy of the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom Alliance during the Fifth Nation War, the various factions that fought were forced to the table. While Omashu refused to surrender and others publicly made treaties, the Air Nomads had to make the most radical changes.

Republic City skyline

Republic City is now the official capital of the Air Nation.

In order to allow Republic City and its territory to largely remain intact, the Air Nomads had to agree to taking over as the leaders of the renamed Air Nation. The Air Nation's borders included the Western Air Temple, Republic City and its surrounding lands, though slightly smaller. Traditional lands that belonged to the Air Nomads in the past were given up, primarily the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Air Temple.

With the Fifth Nation War over, a new governing body was made for Republic City. While the nation is still called the Rpeublic, it is also called the Air Nation by the Fire Nation. The Republic elects a Senate, a portion of which is always Air Nomads. Above the Senate is the Council of Elders who are all Air Nomads who are led by the President. The leadership is overwhelmingly Air Nomads, per the treaty with the Fire Nation that the Air Nation will be led by airbenders.


Jinora: Clan Jinora is the oldest clan and calls Air Temple Island home. They are strong and wise. Their leader is the councilor of the Republic Council in Republic City. Despite its public view as the greatest Clan, it has had its own problems. Jinora was the first clan to see a murder by one of its members, worse the son of Lio Jinora, their leader. At present, Lio's younger brother, Hava Jinorra has gone to Omashu to train the new Avatar, Tala, in airbending.
Air Temple Island

The essential home and capital of the Air Nomads in the wake of the Hundred Year War.

Ikki:Ikki is the second largest clan and a very jubilant one. Partnering with its brother clan, Meelo, they have resettled the Western Air Temple.

Meelo: Clan Meelo is the largest clan and the most dispersed. While the majority are centered in the Western Air Temple with Clan Ikki, almost half of their numbers travel widely across the world as nomads.

Rohan: Considered the most serious clan, Rohan is the smallest and youngest. Clan Rohan has less than a hundred members and are nomadic. They are uneasy settling down; refusing to settle at Air Temple Island or the Western Air Temple because they fear being drowned out. They have crossed the Northern Fortress off the list because it is occupied but consider the Southern Air Temple 'haunted by something'. Grand Marshal Rishu of the Fire Nation has offered to build them a Temple in the Whispering Canyon in his lands, which they have declined so far.

Rival Clan

Reaching the Eastern Air Temple

The Qatil Clan made the Eastern Air Temple their home.

The Air Nomad culture of the clans has a rival in the form of the smaller but better informed Qatil Clan. After Qatil Jinorra fled in exile again, he hid in the Eastern Air Temple. From here, he used the hidden secrets and libraries in the sanctuary to build his own clan that quickly rivaled the formal clans and sold its assassin skills to the highest bidder.

The Air Nomads have a no tolerance policy for discussions with the Qatil Clan but at the same time deeply desire access to the ancient scrolls, texts and histories that Qatils have hidden in the temple.


Air Temple Island overview

Air Temple Island is home to Clan Jinora.

Air Temple Island: Air Temple Island is seen as the center of the Clans and their home to all. Clan Jinorra and the Air Acolytes reside there. Both Lio and Hava Jinora were raised here and seen as the most powerful airbenders in the world. Since the war has broken out, it has become a refuge as the Fire Nation has left it untouched. The island was witness to the first murder in the clans ever when Qatil Jinorra killed someone. The island is run by Sister Lio Jinora.

Western Air Temple

The Western Air Temple has been re-colonized by Clans Ikki and Meelo

Western Air Temple: The Western Air Temple is the largest settlement of the Air Nomad Clans. A join venture was made to re-occupy it by Clans Ikki, Meelo, the Air Acolytes, and the Order of the White Lotus. The Clans have a natural edge here as the constant wind blowing through enhances airbending to its peak. The Western Air Temple has now become the training grounds for Sky Bison and the home for Bison Polo Tournaments. The Western Air Temple is now surrounded by Fire Nation Army and Air Forces, intending to keep them out of the war on the Coast of the main continent.

Crash in Omashu

The peak of Omashu is home to Clan Rohan as they help the Avatar learn airbending.

Omashu: Clan Rohan has settled in Omashu for the last several years as a way to train the Avatar, Tala, in airbending. Hava Jinorra joined them, where he and Simi Rohan have trained her to become a master. They were still here when the Fire Nation invaded Republic City and blockaded Omashu. With the alliance between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom, Clan Rohan is stuck in the city. The Clan has their own grounds in Old Omashu at the top of the Royal Palace where they hold their stables and training grounds.


  • Only one Air Nomad has joined the Order of the White Lotus.
  • The Clans deny that any of their members are outlaws, challenging the Seasons' claim they have a master from every skillset.
  • Hava for some reason has an additional 'R' in his last name, separating it from the rest of his clan. As does Qatil Jinorra, the late son of Lio Jinora.

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