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The Air Nation is made of the next generation of airbenders and Air Acolytes dedicated to carry on the tradition and culture of the Air Nomads. They occupy the original air temples as well as Air Temple Island.  


Air Acolytes

After the Hundred Year War, Avatar Aang found several flying bison and ring-tailed winged lemurs. Elsewhere, Aang discovered a group of Earth Kingdom citizens who had built a fan club in his honor. Aang eventually transformed them into Air Acolytes, a community of monks and nuns dedicated to upholding Air Nomad culture. Years later, Aang and Katara's marriage resulted in the birth of an airbending son, Tenzin, who was extensively taught by Aang in airbending and Air Nomad culture. The population of the Air Acolytes grew, prompting Aang to spearhead the restoration of the air temples to their former glory. Aang built a fifth air temple in the United Republic of Nations, called Air Temple Island. The acolytes occupied the temples, along with the newfound flying bison and ring-tailed winged lemurs. Forming the new Air Nation, they also had a representative on the United Republic Council, a spot held by an Air Acolyte and later Tenzin until 171 AG.

Rebirth of a nation

In 171 AG, Harmonic Convergence caused nonbending individuals across the world to obtain airbending abilities, prompting Tenzin and Avatar Korra to recruit volunteers to be trained ways of the Air Nomads. This was proven to be a daunting task, as most of their new prospects rejected the idea leaving their loved ones and worldly possessions behind. However, they discovered a group of airbenders captured by Earth Queen Hou-Ting, who was conscripting them into an army. The airbenders were rescued and chose to hone their new powers under Tenzin's tutelage at the Northern Air Temple. Tenzin and the volunteers found it meet halfway due to Tenzin's expectations of them being a complete reflection of the old Air Nomads. Eventually, both parties made amends and resumed training.         

After the insurrection of the Red Lotus, Tenzin decided that the Air Nation would roam the world, helping people of all nations to stop corruption and disorder. In 174 AG, the new Air Nation continued to prosper, as more and more people who gained airbending abilities were trained in the art on Air Temple Island. The Air Nation joined the fight against Kuvira when she invaded the United Republic and laid waste to Republic City.

Since Korra's time, the Air Nation continued to prosper as the population of airbenders and Air Acolytes grew. By the time of Avatar Katary, all five air temples are populated by airbenders and acolytes. At some point in time, the Northern Air Temple which was destroyed during the insurrection of the Red Lotus was rebuilt and occupied by the new Air Nation. There were still fewer airbenders in the world than before the start of the Hundred Year War. The first Avatar born in the Air Nation since Aang, Avatar Liang spent much of her life looking for ways to restore the her people the their former glory. She found it in a Lion turtle who gave her a new form of energybending which could give nonbenders the ability to bend.

Liang planned to use this ability to give Air Acolytes airbending abilities. Unfortunately, Liang was killed during while handling an attack at the North Pole before she could use this technique. When her successor Katary began her airbending training at the Southern Air Temple, Liang passed this technique on to her. Using this technique, Katary traveled to all five air temples give all the acolytes the ability to airbend and for the first time since the Hundred Year War, the Air Nation had been restored as an all bender nation.


National Emblem

Like the Air Nomads, the Air Nation insignia is a stylized, swirling orb. Within the circle, coiling lines illustrate the wind. The symbol can be seen on the design of doors and surfaces in the air temples.    


The Air Nation occupies the original air temples situated on remote mountain ranges on three islands. There are five temples in all, one for each direction on the compass. Unlike prior to the Hundred Year War, the air temples weren't separated by gender, housing both male and female. The Northern Air Temple which was located in mountains in northern Earth Kingdom was destroyed during the insurrection of the Red Lotus in 171 AG. Since then, the area around where the temple once stood has been given to the new Air Nation and the temple rebuilt.         



Each nation is influenced by their own distinct, dominant season, in which their bending is at its peak. Autumn is the dominant season of the Air Nation race. Airbenders are thus the strongest during this season. More airbenders are born during the autumn than any other season.


Government system: Unitary Pseudo-Ecclesiocracy

Head of state and government: No overall head of state; just certain respected individuals                         

Territorial divisions: Five air temples

Head of territorial divisions: Abbots and abbesses

Capital: No overall capital

Unlike the other three nations, which were ruled by royal families and structured governments, each of the air temples were led by an abbot or abbess. Airbending masters served as instructors in training its citizens. The Air Nation had a representative on the United Republic Council.       

Notable places

Notable figures


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