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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Air is a fanon series that takes place twelve years after the end of the Hundred Year War. It's continuity is solely with the original series and is not related to Legend of Korra or The Promise.

Princess Ursa will return in Vortex (July 2013)

Production History

Almost immediately after the glorious end of A:TLA, Wordbender began to plan out a continuation. At the time, there was no rumor of Legend of Korra and as far as the fans were concerned 'The Promise' graphic novels were non-existent. The series left several unanswered questions -What happened to Zuko's mother?!- and Wordbender, slightly depressed with the then likelihood that they would never be answered, decided to answer them for herself. At first, plotting out this story was merely for her own amusement -frantic scribbles on half a dozen scraps of paper. But as the plot grew more and more complex, she realized that actually writing the story was unavoidable. Muahaha.

The epic task was undertaken in November 2009 (calling all Nanowrimo fans!) and for the next three years, Wordbender has been slaving away at the grueling task of editing, rewriting and rearranging Air. When it comes to writing, Wordbender is kind of a perfectionist -a good quality, unless you actually want to publish something. Suffice to say, she hopes you enjoy it.


Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko have worked hard to maintain the long lasting -if at times unsteady- world peace. And for twelve years, despite skirmishes and trials, they have succeeded.

Until now.

Rebels stir. Allies are questioned. Spies and assassins skulk the halls of the Royal Fire Palace, and a shadow haunts the heart of Avatar Aang. Any peace the world has gained is quickly dissolving into a dangerous game of disguise and deception.

The Balance is shifting, and the last hope to maintain harmony is to discover the true enemy and stop them -before it's too late.

Reception, Reviews and Interviews

"This series is only getting started, but I can tell that its the one to watch...[It] has a suspenseful feel you don't always find in an Avatar fanon... It seems to build with every new chapter. "
AvatarRokusGhost, Fanon admin and author of Avatar: Energy Saga
"This story was extremely well written, the plots were deep, and the entire story was powerful. As I find myself getting into the story, I couldn't help myself but to recommend it to all my avatar fan friends."
Lilliane Scarlet

Air has been well received, earning praise from readers and reviewers alike. Mageddon725 graced it with a score of 9.05 in his rockin' awesome review, and Omashu Rocks gave it an 8.9. His review also influenced the intensification of a certain subplot. A prime example that one should never shun advice; two heads are better than one, you know. MibuWolf also gave it a 9.1 (A-) score, with some excellent advice on sentence structure which, at the time, I was struggling with. I really think I'm (mostly) over it now. ;)

Fruipit recently conducted this marvelous SPOILER-FREE interview, which is definitely worth checking out. There is another, more in-depth interview about the story by TechFilmer somewhere, but I can't seem to find that one. :P


  • Featured Fanon Series for July 2012
  • Nominated for the Feb. 2012 Fanon Awards in the 'Outstanding New Series' category, being only a month old at the time.
  • Ursa won Best Supporting Female Character in the Fourth Fanon Awards.
  • Air was nominated for 'Outstanding Drama Series' in the Fourth Fanon Awards.
  • Air won a Fanonbending award in September 2012.
  • Air won its double Fanonbending award in April 2013. Thank you, readers!

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Chapter One - That Old Familiar Feeling

Chapter Two - A Kettle Set to Boil

Chapter Three - A Serpent in the Grass

Chapter Four - The Gamble and the Gambit

Chapter Five - Reading Tea Leaves

Chapter Six - A Good Brainwashing

Chapter Seven - Within the Palace Walls

Chapter Eight - Pomp and Circumstance

Chapter Nine - The Thing About Patience

Chapter Ten - The Meet at Omashu

Chapter Eleven - Old Man Walks Into a Bar

Chapter Twelve - Slipping Away

Chapter Thirteen - The Boy in the Iceberg Revisited

Chapter Fourteen- Lest Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Chapter Fifteen - Suspicion

Chapter Sixteen - The Girls of Ba Sing Se

Chapter Seventeen - The Vow

Chapter Eighteen- New and Improved!

Chapter Nineteen- An Electrifying Performance

Chapter Twenty- A Million to One

Chapter Twenty-One- In the Dark of the Night

Chapter Twenty-Two- Somewhere In Between

Chapter Twenty-Three- Mother Knows Best

Chapter Twenty-Four- Lifeline

Chapter Twenty-Five- Cloak and Dagger

Chapter Twenty-Six- The Boys Are Back

Chapter Twenty-Seven- The Life and Times of Toph Bei Fong

Chapter Twenty-Eight- The Dynamic Duo

Chapter Twenty-Nine The Continuing Adventures of Madam Gung-Ho and Stache Man

Chapter Thirty- The Answer to Everything

Chapter Thirty-One- Nothing

Chapter Thirty-Two- Of Tension and Tunnels and Targets -Oh My!

Chapter Thirty-Three- A Tale of Two Spies

Chapter Thirty-Four- Troubles in Paradise

Chapter Thirty-Five- The Spirit of the Matter

Chapter Thirty-Six- Nothing But Air

Chapter Thirty-Seven- The Waiting Game

Chapter Thirty-Eight- Friends and Enemies

Chapter Thirty-Nine- A Time to Counter

Chapter Forty- That Which Is Necessary

Chapter Forty-One- In the Face of Victory

Chapter Forty-Two- Meanwhile, Back in the Fire Nation...

Chapter Forty-Three- In His Clutches

Chapter Forty-Four- And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Chapter Forty-Five- Schemers and Lemurs

Chapter Forty-Six- Out of the Frying Pan...

Chapter Forty-Seven- ...Into the Fire

Chapter Forty-Eight- Reconcile

Chapter Forty-Nine- Ponder, Ponder and Dilemma

Chapter Fifty- Practice Makes Perfect

Chapter Fifty-One -The Coronation and the Coup, Part One

Chapter Fifty-Two - The Coronation and the Coup, Part Two

Chapter Fifty-Three - The Coronation and the Coup, Part Three

Chapter Fifty-Four -The Coronation and the Coup, Part Four

Chapter Fifty-Five -The Coronation and the Coup, Part Five

Chapter Fifty-Six -The Aftermath

Chapter Fifty-Seven -The Return

Chapter Fifty-Eight -More Tales of Ba Sing Se

Chapter Fifty-Nine -Calm Before the Storm

Chapter Sixty -The Legend of Singh Sang, Part One: Ghosts

Chapter Sixty-One -The Legend of Singh Sang, Part Two: Pirates

Chapter Sixty-Two -Answers

Chapter Sixty-Three -Cursed

Chapter Sixty-Four -The Faceless

Chapter Sixty-Five -Tension

Chapter Sixty-Six -A Familiar Face

Chapter Sixty-Seven - Small Victories

Chapter Sixty-Eight - Azula State of Mind

Chapter Sixty-Nine -Life and Death

Chapter Seventy -Where There's a Will

Chapter Seventy-One -Purpose

Chapter Seventy-Two -Last Hope


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