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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe


45 (When he trained Sakana), 47 (Death)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown; Dark Gray

Skin color

Light Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Waterbending, Bloodbending

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending, Bloodbending


Southern Water Tribe, Sakana


Earth Kingdom

Chronological and political information





Southern Water Tribe

First appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 12: The Bloodbender

Last appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 12: The Bloodbender

Aipaloovik is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Aipaloovik, was Sakana's abusive but late father, the man who forced him to learn bloodbending.


Aipaloovik, was Sakana's abusive, short-tempered, father. Who wanted nothing other than power in his son Sakana. To Aipaloovik, Sakana was to be shapened to what Aipaloovik dreamed of being, and that was in being the most powerful bloodbender in the world.

Though that goal was never reached, when Sakana was a child, he was often physically, and emotionally abused by his father. For every little thing the poor child had done, he would abuse his son.

Sakana will not recall his childhood if anyone asked him, he had no mother as that was never mentioned. Though it is to be believed that his mother died when he was born.

Reasons maybe Aipaloovik hated his son, was because the cause of his beloved wife's death. But even she would've wanted her husband to treat their son well. At the age of eight, Sakana, was taken far out into the snowy region of the South Pole.

There his first lessons of bloodbending had begun, with the most simplest tasks, and soon he had advanced even higher. When his son would fail he would discipline the boy by bloodbending him.

Sakana, had later learned to do 110% in his lessons or be bloodbended by his father. Eventually, the time came where the Blood Moon was nearby, and Aipaloovik took his son Sakana to the Earth Kingdom.

There amidst, to the shores of the nation's soil, there had been a new soldier of the Earth Kingdom scouting the beaches alone. That is when Aipaloovik commanded his son to bloodbend the man.

Sakana, had known that bloodbending another human was a horrid thing to do, and it was wrong. He refused to do as his father asked, right in front of the teenager, Aipaloovik had killed the soldier.

Sakana, had seen the soldier helplessly try to break free of the grip, hearing his blood curling screams and then hear nothing from the limp body. For failing to do so as he was ordered to do, Sakana was bloodbended and knocked out.

Sakana, had awoken near a shrine, where his father was setting things up for a ceremony. They had gone to the shrine near the Yantai River, as that was the closest one to the Southern Water Tribe.

There Aipaloovik, had met another bloodbender a woman named Aumanil. After performing some of the tasks that had to be done to complete the ritual. Yet again Sakana had angered his father, and for that was bloodbended.

Aumanil, had come to the aid of the teenage boy, and had a stronger grip on Aipaloovik, one he hadn't felt in such a long time. The grip had been compared to that of his grandfather's.

The angered Sakana had finished the ritual himself, and gained an even stronger grip than his father had. And had crushed his father's lungs for the many years of abuse his father had towards him. The revenge was now complete, and Sakana had killed his own father.

In the end, Aumanil, had adopted the now orphan teen and had raised him until adulthood. She treated the boy with respect, and like her own child, teaching him how to heal.

Though Aumanil, will later discover that her adopted son was killed, the gang tries to explain it to the poor old woman. In the end she forgives them, and blames the late Aipaloovik for the trauma he caused his child and that the boy couldn't ever been fully cured of it. She had known eventually it would drive him insane and he would snap.


Aipaloovik, was born a waterbender, his grandfather had helped him master waterbending. At the age of nineteen, he had also taught his grandson his secret. And that secret was bloodbending. By the time Aipaloovik was twenty-two he had mastered bloodbending.

Aipaloovik, had used bloodbending to abuse and discipline Sakana, and had also used it to kill an Earth Kingdom soldier. Other times of use, were not known but seemingly it looked like he might've used it often.


  • Unknown Wife (Wife;Deceased)
  • Sakana (Son;Deceased)



  • Aipaloovik comes from an evil sea god that causes death and destruction, in Inuit mythology. The name deprives from the Inuit language.
  • In some ways similar to Yakone, though Yakone's teacher sources are unknown, and his death was not caused by his children.

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