Fang (Spirit) By Gingalover Part of the Four Arrow Adventures continuity.
Aang as a ninja in his nightmare
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Ain, from his world, is one of the chosen people that inherited the heavenly power of the gods. Ain wears an orange version of nomadic clothing, and while he doesn't exactly have an airbending tattoo, he does have an airbending headband with the same arrow mark on his forehead. His hair is spiked up to one side.


Ain is a rather cheeky boy, full of energy and always up for adventure. He sometimes gets too cocky for his own good, which can get him into some trouble. He is rather childish yet shows bravery in many situations that would scare anyone else. Even if he is adventurous, he doesn't like admitting when he actually does get scared or told that he can't do something. Some people will mostly consider him as acting like a little brother.


Ain was born to a lone mother farmer within the polar mountains, living a bit isolated from the rest of the world. His first few years, he spent playing with the animals and learning about life from his mother. Since he was cut off, he didn't learn of any hardships and as such lived in his own little world for the longest time. It didn't bother him very much, and he enjoyed his fun life with his mother. At one point, they were running low on food, and his mother asked him to go to the nearest town to get some more food for the winter. However, when he arrived, he didn't had the best time ever. Some of the people weren't too friendly to him, as he got some more food for his home, yet during this, he came across a young girl, Katara, who became a love-at-first-sight. He had her on his mind for a while, but during this, he was visited by the gods one night and was told of his abilities.

Sometime after being told, he began to work out what his abilities were and had a better relationship with Katara during the whole thing. Eventually, news spread out, and soon reached the elders, which visited him within hours of the news. Upon meeting him, Ain was told to go back with them to discuss his own goals as being one of the chosen people. Figuring it out, Ain went off on his own adventure, his main mission assigned to him by the elders: rid the world of evil spirits.

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