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"What are the troubles that weigh down your heart, that plague your soul?"
— Ain, asking Zotu about his tragic past.

Ain is a 16-year-old former monk of the Southern Avatar Temple, and the current host of the spirit of the Avatar. He is the only being in the world that is capable of learning to manipulate all four elements.

Dancing Dragon step four
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Air Nomads




As Avatar Host: 16 BSF - ASF



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Defensive Airbending, Minor Waterbending


Sakodi, Kyasin, Miza, Kyoshi Warriors/Suki, Obos Earthbenders, Zotu, Sai


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Avatar Host


Avatar Monks

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The Undesirable Destiny


Ain was taken in by the Southern Temple of Lost Souls when he was barely four years old. As it was custom to do so among those who followed the Avatar's philosophy in the nearby nomadic campsites, his parents gave him up to the temple to be raised by the monks, as he had been born with the birthmark marking him as an airbender. Ain became a disciple of the temple's Grand Monk Gyansi, and began to be trained as an airbender and follower of the Avatar's former philosophy.

On the day of his sixteenth birthday, Ain was given his final test to determine if he was a master airbender. Unbeknownst to Van and the other monks, Gyansi chose to strike at him with such force with the intention of unveiling Ain's ability to unconsciously manipulate all four elements, to reveal him as the new host of the Avatar Spirit. When Ain was brought to near exhaustion, Gyansi fired a bolt of lightning at him, who unwittingly, with the unseen Avatar guiding him, redirected the bolt and struck Gyansi, who fell from the sky, down to the abyss below the mountain top on which the temple rested.

Aang absorbs lightning

Vien struck by Gyatso's lightning

Distraught with guilt over killing his master, Ain fled the temple, believing that the world would not need him, and that the monks would never forgive him for his mistake. He flew from the Southern Temple down to an island where a Water Tribe resided, and tried to adopt their people's ways. But believing that self-exile was not enough of a punishment, he chose to dive to the bottom of the water surrounding the island, and sealed himself inside of an ice tomb.

When no new Avatar host was revealed after sixteen years since the disappearance of the last, the Fire Nation declared that the Avatar Cycle was broken. After annihilating all of the nomadic campsites and the monks of the Northern and Southern temples, the Fire Nation invaded the Earth Kingdom.

After a century of rest, Ain was finally awakened by a pair of Water Tribe siblings whose names were Kyasin and Sakodi. After discussing their mutual desire to end the war, the three agreed to begin a resistance effort, liberating Earth Kingdom land under Fire Nation control and seeking tutors from which Ain could be trained in each of the elements. After he was taken prisoner by Zotu, Ain had a heart-to-heart conversation with him, trying to convince him to turn against the path his father had set him down. Ain sincerely seeks to provide Zotu with guidance, and considers him a friend.

Ain was taken control of by the Avatar and destroyed the ship he was imprisoned in, in order to escape. After reaching the Southern Peak tribe again, Ain flew to the Southern Avatar temple and found his old mount, Appa, a sky bison. Ain set off with the Water Tribe siblings aboard Appa, until Appa was shot down by Fire Nation soldiers. Ain led the evacuation of Rhao Han while the Water Tribe siblings defended the settlement, during which he met Miza, a Fire Nation girl who has joined them, wishing to aid the resistance as well. Ain remained at the side of his companion, Appa, for the entire three weeks that were required for his recovery.

Following Kyasin and Haru's arrest, he and Sakodi were forced to lay low in Obos and pray that her plan for revolution would succeed. Upon hearing the news that the prison rig was destroyed, the two travelled with Miza to the coastline to reunite with Kyasin and Haru. Once they met up, Appa was lent to the Obos earthbenders so that they could return to their village.

Following Kyasin's arrest in Omashu, Bol declared that it was Ain's duty to earn her freedom. He was entrusted with several tasks to complete. In the conclusion of these trials, he attempted to soothe the tempers of a riotous crowd that had been enraged by the actions of the Fire Nation and Bol's negligence to react. However, his efforts failed, and Ain was forced to flee the city by himself once he realized that the Avatar Spirit was attempting to seize control of his body in order to punish the people for their insolence. Kyasin and Sakodi followed after him on Appa.

In a ghost town far from Omashu's mountain, Ain bought ticket for himself and his companions in order to scour the Earth Rumble tournament in pursuit of the earthbending master that Bol had mentioned. Soon after, he was drawn into the Spirit Realm by the Spirit of Nightmares, Koh the Centipede. He was warned by Koh's counterpart Enma, the Guardian of Dreams, that Koh would attempt to incite an emotional reaction so that he may steal Ain's face. When Ain and Koh met, Koh explained that he intended to determine whether the boy was deserving of his role as the Avatar Host. Eventually, Koh deemed Ain worthy of the responsibilities that a Host must bear and allowed him to leave the Spirit Realm and the ghost town.

Fleeing the wrath of the Enforcer, Ain and his companions chose to delve into the Border Forest out of desperation. Soon after their exodus from the region, the team came across a small village within the forest.


Book One Chapters: 1 - 17, 20

Book Two chapters: 1 - 6, 8 - 16, 18 - 20

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