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Fire Nation


Fire Nation

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Fire Nation


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Cici, Sha, Wang


Qi, Huo, Maia, Liu

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The Task


Early Life

Aimei is the granddaughter of Iroh II and the Crown Princess of the Fire Nation. She grew up in the Fire Nation, but soon after she and her grandfather started arguing. Eventually, Aimei moved to Republic City to get away from her grandfather. During that time, she began to despise the Avatar for destroying Ozai and has hated the Avatar ever since.

Meeting Her Friends

Aimei read in a newspaper article that Qi and Huo would be searching for the Avatar, but she said that she would find the Avatar before them and if she did, she would destroy the Avatar. She soon realised that in order to find the Avatar, she would need the help from several friends. She ordered a poor taxi driver to take her to her friend's house and when he refused, Aimei threatened him with her firebending. Feeling threatened, the taxi driver agreed to take Aimei to her desired location.

As they drove past the spirit portal, they found it was unusually deserted. Aimei forced the driver to keep driving though the driver was reluctant. When a colossal spirit emerged from the spirit portal, Aimei decided to take matters into her own hands. She quietly whispered for the spirit to 'taste her fury' before shooting lightning at the spirit. When the spirit retaliated with a beam of spirit energy, Aimei shot herself into the air with jet propulsion and aimed a jet of augmented fire at the spirit's chest, ultimately defeating the spirit.

When she arrived at Cici's house, she found Cici, Sha and Wang all gathered. Delighted to find everyone in the same area, she asked them to join her in finding the Avatar. When they agreed, she told them of the plan. She explained that they would be going to Ba Sing Se to end Qi and Huo.

Kidnapping Huo

Aimei led her friends to Ba Sing Se where they discovered that Huo was in a hospital in the Middle Ring. In the middle of Huo's treatment, Aimei and her friends burst into the room where they interrogated Huo for information on Qi. When Huo wasn't budging, they knocked the doctor out and mugged Huo.

They took Huo to an old and abandoned house in the Lower Ring where they once again began to interrogate Huo. Seeing that they clearly weren't getting information out of Huo, Aimei decided to use him as bait to get to Qi. Aimei told her friends to keep guard of their prisoner while she went outside to look out for Qi.

On her rescue mission, Qi noticed that Aimei was standing guard but she soon came up with an idea to distract the princess. She sent her spiritual projection next to Aimei, who freaked out seeing Qi. When Qi lied to Aimei by saying she was hiding behind a bush three blocks away, Aimei didn't believe her. Qi just simply and confidently asked if Aimei wanted to risk her telling the truth. Reluctantly, Aimei left for the bush.

Approximately half an hour later, Aimei burst into the house angered and provoked that she had been lied to. Angered, Aimei summoned up four augmented fire rings and ten simultaneous fire whips, making it nearly impossible to defeat her. Knowing when to flee, Qi smacked Aimei in the face with air, temporarily stunning her before blasting herself and her friends to safety with air propulsion.

Destroying Yi

Aimei travelled around the Earth Kingdom with her friends, destroying villages in order to try and find the Avatar. One night, she was in her room sorting out files when she was approached by Cici. Cici said they had almost reached Yi and asked if Aimei was ready to destroy it, to which Aimei said yes.

When they landed, Aimei and her friends began combat with Qi's group. Aimei battled Qi by throwing blades of fire at the airbender, only to have them extinguished. Qi leapt forward and grabbed Aimei's hand, thus rendering her unable to firebend. However, Aimei heated up her body temperature so Qi let go in pain. Seeing all of her friends had lost their various battles, Aimei knew she was the last one left. She summoned up her power to create a flurry of augmented fire. Knowing when to flee, Qi and her friends fled onto the airship and left the State of Yi despite Aimei's threat to destroy the city. Afterwards, Aimei and her friends unleashed a frenzy on the city, destroying it.


Fanon:The Adventures of Qi

Book One

101. "The Task"

102. "Old Enemies"

104. "The Walled City"

105. "Rescue Mission"

108. "The Fate of Yi"

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