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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Emblem of the Outlaw.

By MibuWolf Part of the Emblem of the Outlaw continuity.
Ai Shi
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Fire Nation



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Firebending, Martial Arts


Frost, Ishio, Liwei


Tang, Anying Jiaoben

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Ex-Library Assistant


New New Team Avatar

Ai Shi is a friend of Liwei's who worked as Master Geming's Assistant. Later in the series, she doubles as Ishio's Firebending teacher and a member of New New Team Avatar.


Armed with glasses and a book in hand, as well as working and learning under Librarian Geming, Ai Shi can't help but coming off as your typical bookworm. And to most people, that's all she seems like. She tends to keep quiet, and only speaks when she finds it necessary. However, when she's upset or isn't content with someone or a situation, her stubbornness and sass can turn out to be a bit of handful. Ai Shi isn't easily intimidated, and can read people extremely well. And contrary to her modest first impression, Ai Shi is a very ferocious and powerful Firebender that appreciates the old art.


Master Firebender

Though she wouldn't care to admit it, Ai Shi is a master Firebender. Taught under Master Geming, she bends in the style of the Dragons: unrivaled in smoothness as she fights as though the fire is a part of her. The greatest teaching of Master Geming in the arts of Firebending was that Firebending was as much a part of a person as their arm or limbs. However, upon capture at the end of Book 1, Ai Shi lost her Firebending abilities.

Master Martial Artist

The second greatest teaching of Master Geming in the art of Firebending was to not rely on one's bending. Ai Shi was taught to excel in Martial Arts as well, and this makes it so that her overall fighting style is a mix of Martial Arts and Firebending.


  • "Ai Shi" is a Chinese name meaning "Ash"
  • Ai Shi is a character created by EotO's editor, StaticKatu

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