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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Writings of Ai.

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Ai is a young Airbender born to two unnamed Air Nomads and one of the last survivors of the Air Nomad Genocide.



Born at the Western Air Temple and raised at the Northern, Ai initially grew up like any other Air Nomad. He was a talented Airbender and almost mastered the art at the age of 14, but before he could master the final few levels and receive his arrow tattoo, his home was attacked by the Fire Nation. He escaped the temple after being left for dead by his former master, an Air Nomad betrayer, and fled to travel the world in the guise of a young Fire Nation writer.

Meeting the Shimai Sisters

In the year 3 AG, Ai's journey took an unlikely turn when he met the Shimai Sisters, the two patrons of air. At first he was skeptical about meeting up with them, as instructed by Tsumi, one of the sisters. He only found out who they are much later in his journey.


Ai encountered many new people in his travels and made many friends and enemies.


Some time in 5 AG, Ai was nearly killed by a Fire Nation soldier. Despite narrowly escaping a fiery death, his body succumbed to a deadly illness. He passed away in the arms of his friends in the ruins of Taku, where his adventure began, only this time, he was not lonely.


Ai seems to be a dark and hateful person, but truly he always tries to find hope and joy. Ai is a lonely being and does not make friends easily due to his distrust of people. He forgave the Fire Nation for what they have done, but refuses to forgive his former teacher and former closest friend.

Although he tries to deny it, Ai is a poetic soul, drinking in melodrama and eloquent poetic abandon. This, coupled by his inquisitive nature, makes him a great writer of fables and his journals.



Ai is a skilled Airbender who almost mastered the art at 14. Later in his travels, he stumbled upon ancient scrolls belonging to a past Airbending gypsy, Hanu, and through them learned the Air Shock technique. This enabled him to pose as a Firebender due to its similarities to Lightning Generation.


  • Ai means "love" in Japanese and Chinese.
  • Ai enjoys using ellipses(...).


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