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Fire Nation


Fire Nation

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Akkotuk (husband)


Akkotuk, Ataro and Tzenno, Katara



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Firebending master

  • Southern Water Tribe
  • United Forces
Ahita is a firebending master and a former crewman in the United Forces. She is the wife of Akkotuk and the mother of Ataro and Tzenno, who took after her as firebenders.


Ahita was born on Ember Island in the Fire Nation, and from a young age displayed firebending abilities. Being raised in a wealthy family, she was able to find one of the best firebending masters on the island to teach her. She excelled at her training and mastered the art at the age of 20. Eventually she would leave the Fire Nation and join the United Forces.

Spending a number of years as a crewman in the United Forces, she traveled to many places around the world, including a quick visit to Ba Sing Se.

Ahita would eventually meet Akkotuk, another serviceman who was from the Southern Water Tribe. The two would begin a romantic relationship and would also marry while still in the United Forces. Akkotuk eventually moved up the ranks to become a commander, and the two would end up serving in different divisions. Ahita was serving in the Fire Nation when Akkotuk took an early retirement, and the two finally spent their honeymoon on Ember Island. A few years later, Ahita chose to leave the United Forces too, and she and Akkotuk spent around ten years on Ember Island, having two children together, twin sons they named Ataro and Tzenno. Ahita was delighted when the two began displaying firebending abilities. Before the twins reached ten years of age, Ahita and Akkotuk decided to move to the Southern Water Tribe

Ahita was unhappy that Ataro and Tzenno were being bullied for being firebenders and even felt alienated herself. Ahita, Ataro, and Tzenno would settle in the tribe soon enough, and Ahita even opened up her own shop selling ancient Southern antiques and clothing.

In 171 AG, she gained the attention of Varrick, who bought a few antiques for his yacht.


Ahita is a headstrong woman and a loving wife and mother.




Ahita is a firebending master, having been training since she was only a few years old.

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