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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Heir of Ban.

Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe


c.868 BG


840 BG

Physical description



178 cm (5' 10")

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Waterbending, knives

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information

Enforcer for the Ban Clan, "General" of the Ban Clan, Bounty Hunter


Ban Clan, Er Shi "One-Eyed" Wu




Formerly Ban Zhengyi



Aguta was born in the Southern Water Tribe. Details of his childhood are unclear. It seems likely that he received some Waterbending training at some point, but his fighting style seems to have been mostly self-taught. In any case, sometime in his adolescence he began to show signs of violent psychosis. Around age 15 or 16 Aguta killed one of his tribesmen in the course of a fight and fled to the Earth Kingdom to avoid prosecution. He drifted around the Earth Kingdom for a few years. Some records indicate he may have been responsible for a string of unsolved murders in the southern Earth Kingdom that occurred around this time.

Eventually he ended up in Ba Sing Se. Like many immigrants to the city, Aguta wound up working for one of the Hei Chaoliu clans. Soon his skill and appetite for violence attracted the attention of One-Eyed Wu, the Mountain Master of the Ban clan. Wu also needed a waterbender to train young Avatar Zhengyi. In short order Wu made Aguta the "General" of the clan, the officer in charge of all combat activities. However, Wu apparently did this only to keep Aguta close at hand. In reality, Wu gave Aguta no decision-making power and handled all the actual responsibilities a clan General would have. Wu had formerly been the clan's general before he assassinated Ban Ti Xi, and easily considered it to be too important a position to trust to another. Wu treated Aguta more like a personal hitman, sending him after chosen targets while Wu kept his hands clean. Aguata also acted as a personal Waterbending instructor to Zhengyi. Unbeknownst to Zhengyi, Wu promised Aguta that he would be able to fight Zhengyi to the death one day. Aguta enjoyed the thrill of killing difficult targets and he yearned to one day kill potentially the hardest target in the world: the Avatar. Because Aguta preferred victims whom he felt were strong and worthy of his effort, Wu knew this would compel him to train Zhengyi into a powerful martial Waterbender.

After Zhengyi fled from Ba Sing Se upon learning Wu had killed his father, Wu assembled a team of bounty hunters to track down Zhengyi. Aguta was sent with them. He and the other hunters fought Avatar Zhengyi and his companions several times in the course of Zhengyi's Avatar journey.

Aguta died sometime near the end of the Earth Kingdom Civil War.


Aguta was insane. He had severe violent psychotic tendencies. One-Eyed Wu often compared him to a mad moose-lion kept on a short leash. Aguta was fascinated in and delighted by blood and pain, whether they were others' or his own. He had almost no regard for pain or personal discomfort. He covered his body in tribal tattoos in order to satisfy his masochistic tendencies and wore animal-bone piercings all over his face. When he sustained wounds would lick the blood away. He also had a taste for raw meat seemingly beyond that of the average Water Tribesman. As one would expect, Aguta's mental illness prevented him from having any sense of empathy or restraint. Whatever he did, he did to excess. He not only had trouble restraining himself from killing once the thought entered his mind, but also failed to regulate his appetite for alcohol or pain. Avatar Zhengyi recounted an incident in which Wu commanded Aguta to eat a porcelain spoon in order to intimidate a rival during a sit-down. According to him, Aguta crushed the spoon into small chunks against his plate, tipped the plate to his mouth, and swallowed the pieces.

Aguta had manic aspects to his psychosis. Much of his Waterbending instruction to Zhengyi consisted of him insisting the bender "never stop moving." Aguta's fighting style reflected this, being frenetic and unpredictable, with quick advances and retreats performed seemingly at random. Aguta virtually always exhibited erratic moods, but that meant he was not always angry. In his better moods, Aguta might have been described as a "party animal." He would drink and sing loudly or tell rude jokes, regardless of the company he was in. Some Ban clan members liked him because he would spend money freely when in these states. In fact, although One-Eyed Wu paid him handsomely, Aguta often spent everything he made before his next payday.


Aguta was a capable Waterbender, and had an unconventional style because he had largely taught himself. Perhaps due to his psychopathic tendencies, he delighted at the sight and feel of blood, and so preferred applications of Waterbending that involved compressing the water into cutting blades. Among his favorite techniques were ice discs, the water knife, and particularly ice claws. He often bent large claws of ice around his hands and fought in close in order to enjoy the visceral sensation of killing his victims with his own hands. Furthermore, his masochistic tendencies gave him an uncanny ability to continue fighting through pain. Aguta had few skills beyond fighting however, and would probably have been caught by the police without Wu's wherewithal to help conceal his crimes.


Aguta's appearance was partially informed by his taste for pain. Animal bone piercings, sometimes worn by Water Tribe warriors more modestly, decorated Aguta's ears, septum, eyebrows, and lips. His hair was tied into several very small knots, forming a semispherical grid pattern all over his head, giving the impression of spikes from far away. He also had a chunk missing from the top of his left ear. Although his clothing covered much of it, almost the entire surface of Aguta's body other than his head was covered in a maze of dark blue Water Tribe tattoos. Like his piercings, similar tattoos were sometimes given to Water Tribe warriors to record accomplishments, but they usually only wore one or two. Aguta almost certainly acquired most if not all of these tattoos after he left the Southern Water Tribe. The Hei Chaoliu was known for its use of tattoos, and Aguta probably had his done by a Chaoliu tattoo artist in Ba Sing Se based on designs he remembered from his youth.

Aguta had only a few outfits, most of which were very worn and frayed. He seemed to disregard his clothing to the point that his outfits were mismatched and asymmetrical. For example, he wore black wrappings on one wrist but not the other. He usually wore a blue sleeveless Water Tribe tunic with blue coloration and black trim. He also wore high brown hide boots with black lamellar shin and knee guards, although one of the knee guards was cracked at the top, giving it a jagged appearance.

Behind the Scenes

"Aguta" or "Anguta" is the name of an Inuit god. In some traditions he is a psychopomp (a god who escorts the souls of the newly-departed to the afterlife), and the father of Sedna, the queen of the Inuit afterlife. His name literally means "man with something to cut," but other translations give his name as meaning "gatherer of corpses," referring to his function as a psychopomp.

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