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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Aang and Katara's finale kiss
The Kiss
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Aftermath of the War





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Back into the Desert

This is an epilogue to the story Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is mostly about the love story of Aang and Katara, but also talks about the rebuilding of the world after the War. It is a slightly more mature version than the Nicktoon show it's based on. It is based on my other, Fanon: The World After, which was a test pilot to this story and will be deleted soon. There will be 12 chapters to this story. It takes place right after the epic kiss between Aang and Katara outside Iroh's tea shop in Ba Sing Se.

水土火 气Shui Tu Huo QiAang Cosmic水土火气

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Book: 四 Chapter: 一 The Kiss

Aang and Katara are in the midst of a very romantic kiss.

Katara's lips felt like the delicate petals of Panda-lilies and her hair felt like fine silk brushing up against his face. Aang's grip was lovingly soft yet firm around her waist. The love from the two radiated further and more intensely than the rays of the sun. They stood there kissing and enjoying the moment for several minutes which felt like years to them. When they finally separated, holding each other's hand and gazing lovingly into one another's eyes like vast oceans, they noticed the chatter from inside the tea shop. What was once just white noise had turned into coherent conversation.

Sokka: "What are they doing!" he said angrily.

Suki: "Oh calm down, Sokka. It's so cute." Putting her arm around him.

Iroh: "Ahh, young love. How good it would be to feel young again."

Noticing their audience, Katara and Aang swiftly broke apart to face their onlookers. Realizing that they had been caught Sokka, Suki, and Iroh ducked down out of view from the door way. Katara and Aang, both scarlet faced, walked back into the teashop, holding hands.

Sokka: "Katara!" quickly stomping toward her looking irritated.

Suki: "Sokka, get back here and leave them alone." She said calmly but Sokka ignored her entirely.

Sokka: "What were you two doing out there?"

Katara: "What? Oh you mean this." She said in a mock voice, then she leaned over for a brief kiss with Aang then turning back to face Sokka.

Sokka: "Yeees! Why are you doing that?!" in a very obnoxious and disgruntled voice.

Katara: "I don't know, maybe because we love each other!" she said in a sarcastic but angry tone.

Both Sokka and Katara were staring at each other with pure loathing, ready to rip each other's head off.

Aang: "Calm down you two, we shouldn't be fighting; we should be celebrating our victory in the war." he said with a forced smile, while pushing his body between them and gently pushing them apart.

Katara: "Come on Aang, let's go over there." She gestured to small plush emerald couch, situated in the far corner of the room.

They walked over and snuggled on the couch. Sokka treaded over to his desk to finish his painting. Several minutes had passed and the atmosphere of the room had calmed down. Iroh was playing a soft catchy tune on the tsungi horn and Zuko and Mai in the middle of a game of pai sho.

Suki: "Well it getting late, we probably should be heading in soon."

Katara: "Yeah." Yawning.

The gang grabs their thing and walks out to Appa, who is waiting just outside the door.

Aang: "Well, this is goodbye for now." Speaking to Zuko, Mai, and Iroh.

Sokka: "Group hug!" Everyone goes in for a hug except for Mai.

Mai: "Uhh, no." she says in a bored voice. Then Appa, who she was standing in front of, licks her off her feet.

Mai: "Ugh." In a very disgusted voice, with a matching face.

Everyone: "Goodbye!" as Iroh, Mai, and Zuko walk off in the opposite direction on the lonely street.

The street was well kept and clean. It was illuminated by the light inside the buildings that ran parallel to it, making it easier for the gang to find their way home. After numerous minutes of walking the gang finally spotted their home at the end of the long street. The house was very elegant, with a golden colored roof and two beautiful stone lanterns at the bottom of the steps leading up to an ornate wooden door. The shrubbery around it was well kept and even at night was a luminous green.

Sokka: "Last one there is a rotten platypus-bear egg!" he exclaimed. Immediately Suki, Sokka, and Toph started sprinting down the street. At first Suki appeared to have the lead, till Toph and Sokka, who were neck and neck, surpassed her. Now, only a couple hundred feet away from the house, Sokka has sprinted a little ahead, till Toph earthbends a ditch right in front of him. He tumbles face first onto the stone street. Toph runs up to the top stair of the house and starts jumping in victory followed by Suki coming in for second place.

Sokka: "Hey! That's cheating!"

Toph: "Haha, you didn't say there were any rules, boomerang head!"

Sokka: "Arrrg." who had just walked over to the house

Suki and Toph laugh but Aang and Katara, who are now several feet behind them, are too preoccupied with themselves to notice.

Toph: "Hurry up you two love birds!" she taunted them, but they ignored her.

When they finally go to the house they heard a high pitch screech coming from the sky. When they turned their heads to see what is was (except for Toph) they saw a brilliantly crimson colored bird soaring down towards them.

Sokka: "Hawky!" putting out his arm for the hawk to perch on, however the hawk flew by him and landed on Katara's shoulder.

She quickly pulled out a creamy manila colored piece of paper wrapped into a scroll, from a compartment on the hawk's back.

Katara: "Toph! Its's from your mom and dad. It says that they really miss you and hope that you come visit them soon. Also they are very sorry for not understanding you in the past."

Toph: "Really!...I mean, it's about time they got some sense." She said very excitingly then toning it down to hide her previous surplus of joy.

Katara: "We can go on our way to the Southern Water Tribe."

Toph: "Thanks Katara."

Katara: "All right, we should get some rest now."

The gang opens the strikingly ornate door and walks into the lavish interior, then goes off to their rooms and goes to bed. Hours pass and Katara wakes with mischievous eyes. She gets out of bed and walk out her room. She stealthily creeps past Suki, Toph, and Sokka's rooms till she reaches Aang's. She gently opens the door.

Aang: "Katara?" he said sleepily. Then he stood up off the bed, disturbing Momo who had been sleeping at the foot of the bed. Katara runs over towards him then starts hugging and kissing him.

Book: 四 Chapter: 二 The Kiss part 2

The Kiss Part 2
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Aftermath of the War





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Back into the Desert

The next morning.

The sun slowly escalated into the deep blue sky, illuminating the world below. The air was warm, yet it would make one shiver with the strong breezes that blew over every so often. The morning dew on the ground shimmered in the light like a thousand tiny crystals. The harmonious tunes coming from the little birds in the tree tops could be heard for miles. It was a splendidly average yet beautiful morning in Ba Sing Se.

Sokka and Suki woke up in nearly perfect synchronicity and went out of their rooms after getting dressed to go prepare for the day.

Suki: "Good morning Sokka." She said while giving him a little kiss on the cheek as they walked down the quaint hallway.

He blushed slightly, and then reverted to his sleepy dazed expression. They entered a grand room with a massive mirror on the wall. Below the mirror was a small beautifully crafted bureau, with shiny golden nobs and four mahogany colored chairs with ornate jade carvings on the backs, in front of it. In the drawers were various brushes, crystal bottles of perfume, make up, and razors. The two took their seats in front on the mirror. Sokka lazily threw his hair into a ponytail while Suki, with near surgical meticulousness, arranged her hair and put her make up on. Meanwhile, Toph woke up in her room, got dressed and sloppily flattened her tremendously wild hair and walked out to meet Sokka and Suki who were cooking breakfast.

Suki: "Good morning Toph." she said in a cheerful voice handing her a cup of stew.

Toph takes a sip.

Toph: "Ugh, stew again?" she asked grumpily.

Suki: "Sorry, Katara and I haven't had time to go to the market yet. Speaking of Katara, where is she? She wasn't in her room this morning."

Toph: "And where is Aang?"

Sokka: "Hhhhmmmm." he said pretentiously. "I'll go find them." he said while quickly walking off down the hallway clumsily, almost knocking over the precariously placed porcelain vase. It dangerously wobbled but Sokka ignored it, clearly thinking of other things at the moment.

When he finally got to Aang's room he wrenched for the cold golden door knob and thrust the solid wood door open making it crash against the inner wall. His mouth drooped to the floor as if not attached to anything at all. There in front of him were Katara and Aang soundly sleeping in a loving embrace. They appeared to be frozen in time, not aware of the world around them. Katara's silky brown hair lying across Aang's shoulders as if ribbons binding them together. Their noses were only a centimeter apart. They didn't appear as two separate people but rather two halves of the same whole. The plush green sheets wrapped around them as if it was a cocoon and soon a beautiful majestic butterfly would spread its vibrantly colored wings and fly off into the distance.

However Sokka, blinded with shock and rage could not see such beauty.

Sokka: "Katara!! Aang!!" he said feverishly.

These words of hate penetrated their cocoon like a knife. Fear stricken Katara yanked the sheets over her head while Aang leaped up and slammed the door shut with a powerful gust of air, nearly smacking Sokka in the face. Sokka still shaken by shock walks back down the hall to meet the others

Toph: "I take it you found them?"

Suki: "Where were they?"

Sokka: "They are getting ready!" he snapped back quickly.

Suki: "Okay?" she said questionably.

Then Aang and Katara walk out from the hallway.

Suki: "Hey guys, where were you earlier this morning?"

Aang: "I guess we just kind of slept in, haha." he said in a guilty voice while scratching the back of his head.

Katara: "Yep, just slept in." looking at Sokka with one eyebrow raised

Suki: "Okay" she said even though she had clearly been in Katara's room searching for her earlier

Suki: "Breakfast?" she handed them two cups full of a murky brown liquid with indistinguishable chunks of food floating around it.

Aang: "No thanks, I'm good." With a fake smile.

Katara: "No thanks, I am not hungry." With an identical fake smile.

About an hour passed. All five of them and Momo were sitting in the stunningly sumptuous grand room, finishing their breakfast and participating in very awkward small talk. After that they decided to head out. So they gathered their belongings and went out to Appa who was waiting patiently outside. While Toph and Suki were busy gathering their things in the house Sokka runs over and confronts Aang and Katara, who were standing next to Appa, holding hands and looking deeply into each other eyes as if staring into deep pools of brilliant color.

Sokka: "What were you doing in Aang's room last night, Katara!" he said in a scolding yet soft voice, not to let Suki and Toph hear, although he already suspected they knew. Katara: "We were just talking, besides it's non of your business." she snapped at him

Sokka: "Aang tell the truth. What were you two doing?"

Aang opens his mouth but Katara interrupts him.

Katara: "I told you we were just talking! Now go help pack and stop being so nosy."

Sokka: "Katara! You and me both know what happened and I have the right mind to tell dad." a vein pulsating rapidly from his neck and temple and his face turning a bright red.

Katara: "I don't know what you're talking about. Come on Aang, let's go pack up." she grabbed his hand and walked across to the stone steps. Toph and Suki walk out of the front door while Katara storms through pushing them to the side, dragging Aang with her.

Sokka: "Ahhhh Katara!"

Toph: "What's wrong with her?" she said while strolling over to Appa with a stack of messy clothing and sleeping bags climbing up past her head.

Sokka: "What? Umm, nothing." He said distractedly, still fuming from the previous argument.

After they got all packed up, the gang climbed up on Appa, Aang and Katara in front steering and Suki, Sokka, and Toph sitting in back. With a quick "Yip yip." Appa swiftly ascended into the late morning sky. The city below was buzzing with life, the new found peace had left the people of Ba Sing Se, below, cheerful.

Book: 四 Chapter: 三 Back into the Desert

Back into the Desert
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Aftermath of the War





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Darkening Skies

After a day and a half of travel a familiar place comes into view. The blistering heat of the sun stuck on the backs of their necks. The air was arid and massive plumes of sand drifted across the desert below like sea foam across an enormous ocean. Yet there was no water there to be found. The sand was a rough golden color almost inviting from a far, yet, like a double sided dagger, it was ominous. It dragged you in and then wore down your soul. The desert was unforgiving, and so were her secrets...

The gang was exhausted. After a long day and a half of travel and with the heat of the desert, the gang was left hungry, thirsty, and need of shelter. They heading for the old ice spring village they had visited before.

Sokka: "Guys! I think I see the village." He said very excitedly, slightly shocking the others who were dazedly lying around.

Katara: "Wow look, the village has grown so much and is that, no it can't be. It is! It's Wan Shi Tong's library." In the center of the newly vitalized village, amongst the crowd of construction project was a colossal stone building, with massive emerald green domes and great spires shooting up from its base.

Aang: "But how did it get here?"

Sokka: "Yeah, didn't that giant bird thing destroy it?"

Katara: "You mean Wan Shi Tong." She said in a somewhat serious matter.

Sokka: "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Shooing her away.

Appa soared down and landed on the new sandstone road in front of the gargantuan library. They hopped off and began to walk up the steps to the library.

Toph: "Finally, I can see again." She said rubbing her feet on the coarse earth.

When they got to the top, Aang went up to the massive ornate green and gold door. He reached over and rang the beautifully crafted, dragon head shaped, door knocker. It gave a huge clunk and then the heavy doors slowly opened inwards. The doors had opened up to the view of a large atrium that seemed to never end and standing in front of the gang was a monstrous jet black owl with a snow white face and soul piercing eyes. The gang, taken aback by the sight of their former enemy, jumped into battle positions until a familiar voice spoke out.

Professor Zei: "Hey guys, how have you been?" he said in a friendly voice, standing next to Wan Shi Tong.

Sokka: "Wait, what? How? No but..." he said thoroughly confused.

Wan Shi Tong: "I have much explaining to do. Here, come inside." He gestured with his mammoth wing. The gang walks in and starts walking across the massive atrium behind Wan Shi Tong.

Suki: "Um, what's going on? I am confused, who is that guy?" she said to the gang while pointing to Zei, who was far ahead of the group.

Katara: "He is an old friend, we met him in this village and he is the one who told us about this place and helped find it with us. But we thought he died when Wan Shi Tong buried the library."

They entered a lavishly decorated sitting room surrounded with packed bookshelves, an assortment of antiques, and a group of plush chairs situated around an ornate coffee table. Momo ran in and played with a large set of magnifying lenses on a nearby able, while Hawky flew over to a golden perch. The gang took their seats, and Wan Shi Tong began to speak.

Wan Shi Tong: "You all must be very confused, so I shall start from the beginning. After you escaped my library, I brought it to the Spirit World. I was angry at man, always using my knowledge for evil purposes, that I decided they were no longer worthy of it. Then I discovered a stow away." (Looking at Zei) "He came to me and told me about the goodness of humanity and taught me that not all men are evil. He talked about you, the Avatar and your quest to save the world from the Fire Nation. Inspired, I moved the library back to Earth and put it here in this village."

Professor Zei: "Since then hundreds of people from all over the world have flocked here to learn from the great library. Now that we have explained ourselves, may I ask what you are doing here?"

Katara: "We are on our way home to the South Pole, and we needed somewhere to rest."


In the large dark thrown room in the Fire Lord's palace sat Zuko. He was meditating on his thrown, and controlling the flames around him. The vibrant dancing flames rose and sank with each deep breath. Then a short old man ambled across the dark wooden floor toward him. The clunking of his shoes on the floor shattered the silence of the room as well as Zuko's concentration, like a stone through glass.

Old man: "Sir, I have news for you."

Zuko: "Yes?" he said trying to retain his anger from the old man's disruption.

Old man: "Well, the first bit of news is that, well..." he said in an almost stalling way

Zuko: "What is it?!" he said showing a little bit of his anger.

Old man: "Your father, he escaped from prison.

Zuko: "What?!" he yelled. The flames around him rose rapidly, and then went down low.

Old man: "But sir, I have better news too, you have a visitor!" he said quickly.

Zuko: "Who is it?" he snapped at him

Then out of the door came a female figure.

She was obscured by darkness, yet parts of her beauty still could be seen. Zuko sat and gazed, dumbfounded by shock. He jumped off of his throne and ran as fast as he could to the shadowy figure with her arms open. They hugged.

Shadowy figure: "I have missed you my Zuko."

Zuko: "I have missed you so much, mom." He said welling up with tears.

Back to the desert.

The sky was a deep dark blue blanket, speckled with brilliant tiny diamonds that shimmered throughout the cosmos. The heat of day had vanished. It was replaced by an ice breeze that shivered the soul. The gang was asleep in their two story sandstone house in the middle of the huge village. Aang was peacefully sleeping in his room which was far less luxurious and comfortable than his room in Ba Sing Se, but it served its purpose. Then, cutting the stillness like a knife, Katara walked in. Aang awoke immediately and gazed at her. She flung herself on him, kissing and hugging him but after a minute Aang pushed away and got up off the bed.

Katara: "What's wrong?" she said disappointingly.

Aang: "Katara, I told you last time you went in my room in Ba Sing Se, we are not ready for this. We shall wait until we get married. This is not the time for this." He said strongly yet lovingly.

Katara: "But..." she was interrupted.

Aang: "No Katara, we have our entire lives ahead of us, the war is over."

Katara: "I know, it's just that I...I really love you and I just want to be with you." She begged.

Aang: "I feel the same way, but the monks taught us that the best things are best waiting for and that there is a time and place for everything. When we are married will be the proper time, but till then we shouldn't and I won't."

Katara: "Oh, I understand. Can I still spend the night with you? My room is extremely cold."

Aang: "Sure." He said with a huge grin. He walked back up to the bed and went under the thick covers and wrapping his arms around her. Then he kissed her on the forehead.

Aang: "Good night, my love." He giggled and then stared into her eyes passionately.

Katara: "Goodnight Aang." She leaned over an inch to kiss his sweet lips. For a moment, the two didn't want to part, but then they separated and fell asleep. The next morning, the sun peaked through the tiny window in Aang's room. The rays hit Katara's face and she woke from her deep slumber. She gazed at Aang, who still was sound asleep. She could not believe how much he had changed. He was not the same little boy that came out of iceberg nearly a year ago.

Book: 四 Chapter: 四 Darkening Skies

Darkening Skies
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Aftermath of the War





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Sha Zi Mountain

It was dark. The shadowy figure that had met Zuko the previous day was sleeping in her enormous and lavish room in the palace. Her large four poster bed demanded attention in the room. She was stunningly beautiful for her age. The crimson silky bed covers had flowed with her body like water. The moonlight, radiating from a window in the far corner of the room, illuminated her soft face. Then a shadow cast upon her. She woke to see Azula standing in front of her. She looked at her stone faced with little emotion. Azula smiled and winked at her.

The next morning, a short maid walked into the bed room with a plate of hot breakfast and fresh crimson linens. She was slightly taken aback that she did not see the lovely women laying in her bed. She strode over to the edge of the bed, where she found a note on a small piece of tan paper. The stout old maid picked the paper up and began to read it. Her mouth dropped. She bolted as fast as she could down the beautiful ornate hallway with the note still in her tiny grip. The sound of her small feet clanking against the solid wood floor reverberated through the air. She quickly passed the massive tapestries of the previous Fire Lords. They all seemed to gaze out toward her with their harsh eyes, causing a shiver to shoot down her spine. Now getting close to the end of her journey, she was nearly out of breath, yet she still dashed on down a narrow dimly light vestibule with a high ceiling and a large ruby red carpet stretching down its length. At the end of it were two guards in black and red metal armor, carrying tall, forbidding gaffs. The guards' expressions were hidden under their pointy masks, but they still obtained a kind of emotionless seriousness.

Maid: "Open up, open it up! I have a very important message for Fire Lord Zuko!" She said panting, when she had reached the end of the hall. The guards looked at each other briefly, than at the tiny crinkled piece of paper in the maid's left hand. They wearily separated revealing a large impressive looking wooden door with a massive detailed Fire Nation insignia on it. The guards both grabbed a shiny golden knob and slowly opened the heavy, dark wooden door.

Without a second thought she scrambled in.

Maid: "Lord Zuko, Fire Lord Zuko!" she screamed while running down the ominously decorated yet lavish throne room.

Zuko: "What is it?" He said genuinely concerned, and yet confused as to why the old maid had run to his throne.

Maid: "Your mother! She has left!" she said very quickly then breathing very heavily, out of breath.

Zuko: "What? But she just got here a day ago. Where has she gone?" he said, confused.

Maid: "No, no, no, She was kidnapped!" she said sharply. The words crashed over Zuko with waves of confusion and pain, then leaving him in a tide pool of despair.

Zuko: "No, it can't be." He said softly, talking to himself.

Maid: "The kidnaper left a note, I have it right here!" she said trying to prove the words she had previously said to Zuko. She quickly held up the crinkled note and Zuko hastily walked down the black stone steps to meet her. He swiftly grabbed the tiny note from the woman's frail grip. His piercing golden eyes meticulously scanned the paper over and over again, not willing to accept the words on it. Then he suddenly the reality had hit him like an arrow to the chest, making him step back. The he suddenly was animated with rage, burning the tiny note in his hand and creating walls of dancing flames that sprouted from behind him. The woman stood quivering in front of this massive entity of scarlet fire and roaring rage which was Zuko, too paralyzed by fear to move.

The scene switches back to the bustling desert village. It is midday and it is tremendously blistering outside. The gang was sitting around the two story sandstone house. The house had a rectangular base and the cupolas on its roof. It had a small wooden door that appeared weathered and beaten. The house had four tiny, circular window holes, which let the infrequent breeze in

Katara: "Suki and I are going to the market; you guys need to clean up the house and pack up Appa." She said in a shady lack lustrous sitting room that was empty except for five rickety wooden chairs in the middle of it.

Toph, Aang, and Sokka were sitting on the chairs. Their faces were red with heat, sweat pouring down their faces. Aang and Sokka raised their heads slowly to gaze up at Katara and Suki who were standing at the small shabby wooden door. They also were rubicund in the face and looked exhausted.

Toph: "Uhg, do we have to?" She pleaded while staring blankly at the ground with her misty green eyes.

Katara: "Yes! We are leaving as soon as Suki and I come back from the market." She said in an aggravated tone, her patience wearing thin because of the intense heat.

Toph: "Uhg." She said kicking the hard stone floor, causing a minuscule plum of dust that had been sedentary on the floor, to poof up.

Hours go by and Aang and Sokka have packed up while Toph sat on her chair refusing to work.

Aang: "Where are Katara and Suki? It's getting late." He said groggily

Sokka: "I don't know." In an even more exhausted voice.

Aang: "I'll go look for them." He sluggishly strode across the room, his feet dragging on the rough floor until he reached the point where his trustful gilder was propped up against the wall at attention. He grabbed it and pushed open the creaking wooden door.

Immediately he was blinded by the intense sunlight stabbing at his eyes. He stumbled a bit. With a little running start down the sandy street he opened his glider up that made a quick click, then he took flight. He soared above the massive city like village, the building gleaming in the glowing sunlight. Then he spotted massive clouds of golden sand erupting from a nearby street like a massive geyser.

He swooped down closer and saw Katara sounded by 20 or so hotheaded sandbenders. They were in the midst of an intense battle. Water, ice and sand were flying in every direction. He landed in the middle of skirmish, right next to her.

Aang: "What's going on?" he said fending off the attackers with gust of ferocious wind.

Katara: "I don't know. They tried to mug us on our way home and then ran off with Suki!" she said breathing hard and sweating while slapping huge crystal clear whips of glimmering water at the fierce sandbenders.

Aang: "What?" he yelled while dogging a speeding whip of sand. The whip flew passed him and cracked Katara in the back.

Katara: "Ahh!" she screamed in agony falling to the ground.

Aang: "Katara!!" He yelled running over to her aid. He thought of how beautiful she was and how these evil men had harmed her. Another whip of sand crashed next to him and he fell out of this trance

Aang: "That's enough!" he said indignantly. His eyes flashed with light and knocked the sandbenders to their feet with a powerful gust then encased them neck down in sand.

He stepped over to a particularly robust and impressive looking sandbender. The man had a worn and maniacal face with a massive crescent shaped scar.

Aang: "Why are you attacking us?! Where is Suki?!" he demanded

The sand bender sneered then in a cloud of dust, he and his fellow attacker disappeared in the sand.

Aang: "Ahhhh!!!" he screamed, created an immense mushroom cloud of sand that shot up several hundred meters in the air.

This will be the end. If you wish to expand to this be my guest, but I shall no longer continue to write this story, sorry. Thank you for reading --ShuiTuHuoQi (talkcontribs) 20:01, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

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