After the War
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Tea with Sokka



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April 28 2012

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Tea and Trouble

Sokka walks up to Iroh's tea shop practicing his lines. "Zuko's Uncle please let me work here, I would be humbled to learn how to make tea like you." He opens he door and a little bell rings.

"Sokka what a surprise! May I interest you in some delicious Jasmine tea?" asked Iroh.

"No sir," Sokka said, but was interrupted by Iroh.

"Oh," he said. "Then Jade."

Sokka shook his head respectfully. "I would like," Sokka said, but was interrupted again.

"Ginseng, Cherry blossom, Mint, herbal?"

This time Sokka spoke quickly "I would like a job, Zuko's Uncle. I would be humbled to learn how to make tea like you."

"Sokka, of course," Iroh replied "First let's drink some tea."

He brought out a tray with four kinds of tea. He handed Sokka one cup. "What do you taste?" Iroh asked.

Sokka licked his lips. "Tea," Sokka said.

Iroh shook his head. "No, Sokka, what flavor?"

"Hmmm....." Sokka said. Sokka sniffed it and threw it. The tea splattered everywhere. He touched a splat and discovered a green speck. "Herbal," Sokka said.

"What are you crazy? Drink the tea, not kill it!" Iroh said furiously. He quickly calmed down and said, "Yes, Sokka, it is herbal." They tasted the other teas: Jade, Ginseng, and Jasmine.

"You may work here Sokka." Iroh handed a platter with tea cups on it to Sokka. "Start serving people." Iroh went back to making tea and left Sokka to work. The little bell rang minutes after Iroh left Sokka to work. Sokka looked but there was no person until he heard a child's voice pipe up.

"Down here," he said.

Sokka looked down; there was a boy about nine, quite short, maybe 4' 3 at the most. He gave Sokka a scared look as if he was going to get hurt or beat.

"Where are your parents?" Sokka asked.

The little boy relaxed; he gave Sokka a sad look. "I was only six when my parents died in the war. The Fire Nation barged into our home. They stole everything, my parents, and my little sister Mara. All while I was at school with Lee, Dee, and Ree, my brothers. Lee has taken care of us for three and a half years after that time," the boy said. He put out his hand in front of Sokka. "I'm Axel."

"I'm Sokka." Sokka shook the little boys hand. "How old are your siblings?"

"Lee is twelve," Axel replied. "Dee is my twin and he's nine, and Ree is seven. Only Lee is a bender. He built our house we live in now; it's only a small earth tent right out of Ba Sing Se. Lee works on the street making small items like sculptures out of earth."

"Axel, do you have any interest in sword fighting?", Sokka asked. "I once learned from the great Master Piandao."

"My father gave me a sword that I kept with me all the time," Axel replied. "I never left it at home so the Fire Nation didn't steal it; it is in our home," replied Axel.

"I can help you pay for food and living, Axel," said Sokka

"No, Sokka, we must make it on our own," Axel, sadly.

"I'll see you tomorrow for sword training," Sokka said, confidently.

"Okay Sokka, see you tomorrow!" Axel ran out the door to go tell his brothers.

"Okay! Goodbye!" Sokka continued serving.

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