After the Comet
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Avatar: The Story of Miki




It was 100 years ago when Sozin's Comet struck the Earth and ever since the world has gone through major turmoil and many new disasters. Most nations are now gone with the world in ruins and the human population has gone down 99% with around 40% of the remaining 1% living safely behind the walls in a city once called Ba Sing Se, which means impenetrable city. Now knowing this is not true, the city is now called penetrable and those who do not live there live scattered across the globe in clans of roamers, who look for other ruined cities to rein habit with little success with only Republic City, the Fire Nation Capital, the Water Tribe capitals, Omashu and the metal city the only other inhabited cities across the globe. Most people have lost hope in their lives, but with the next Harmonic Convergence coming soon and the new Avatar, newly discovered, can the ravaged world survive the great battle between good and evil once again? The story, however, isn't entirely focused on the Avatar, but rather many different survivors of this tragedy.


Avatar Mihn: has just discovered she is the new Avatar and needs to find masters to teach her how to bend earth, fire and air before it's too late. she grew up in a clan of roamers who reinvented the cavalry and are mostly made up of waterbenders like her.

Shun: is a firebender who lives in the ruins of the Fire Nation capital city, where he was trained to master firebending and is considered a prodigy in the art.

Alana: is a waterbender and a criminal on the run from her home in the Northern Water Tribe. Alana is accused of robbery, treason, assault and murder when she never committed murder but was guilty of the other three when she tried to help the massive section of refugee peasants and does whatever she can to help the poor and helpless.

Han: is an airbender who lived in the Southern Air Temple until Avatar Mihn came looking for a master. Unlike most airbenders. Han does not shave his head and does not have the Air Nomad tattoos as the Air Nomads have changed their ways in order to survive.

Li: is a native of penetrable.


  • Chapter One: A New Day
  • Chapter Two: A Search

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