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"You didn't expect this, did you? No, you thought the Avatar would keep the peace, and stop the strong from destroying the weak, and getting the power they deserved. You thought the Avatar would get all the glory. Well you were wrong. I will get all the glory!"
— Afiko to Pathik in Act 3: Genocide
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Air Nomads; Southern Air Temple


Unknown - 5 AG

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Fighting style(s)



Tashi, The Fire Nation (formerly)


Pathik, Aang, Air Nomads, Sozin

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Fire Nation (formerly), Air Nomads (formerly)

First appearance

Act 1: Gyatso

Afiko was an Airbender from the Southern Air Temple who betrayed his people and sold them out to The War's instigator, Fire Lord Sozin, in 0 AG. He aided the soldiers in the horrific Air Nomad Genocide and, in 5 AG, was killed by the ancient Fire Lord for "treason." He also aided Tashi in getting rid of Pathik.


Pathik and Tashi

Born to the Southern Air Temple, Afiko was seemingly normal growing up. He advanced through the levels of airbending at an average rate. He invented the air drill, an extremely destructive move in which wind swirls around one's fist in order to pack a powerful punch, to earn his tattoos. As he and his best friend Tashi grew older, they became unfriendly towards people not born in the Air Temples, thinking them useless or worthless. Although not a High Monk, Afiko was often present during their meetings due to his friendship with Tashi, who was a member of the council. However, he did not know of Aang's identity until it was revealed to the entire temple. Tashi and Afiko worked together to rid Pathik from the Southern Air Temple, saying he would distract Gyatso as he tried to train the Avatar.

A Bitter Jealousy

Afiko grew jealous when his peers announced Aang's identity as the Avatar. Envious, he turned traitor and revealed the temple's location to the Fire Nation.



Afiko repels Mori's attacks.

Soldiers stormed the temple and slaughtered the other monks, but were too late to catch Aang, who had run away from home shortly before. Afiko was instrumental in engineering the genocide of his fellow Air Nomads, earning a place as Fire Lord Sozin's close adviser. He aided Sozin in attacking the Earth Kingdom due to the fact that he is often shown blocking or dispersing Earthbending attacks and attacking Earthbenders. One such attack was on Taku, where Pathik was staying at the time. He killed many of the Earthbenders there, including Pathik's young friends Mori and Tamaki, and his apprentice Hebi. None except Pathik himself escaped that day. The traitorous monk died long before Aang's return, and the subsequent undermining of all Afiko's work. In the end, despite his loyalty and achievements towards the Fire Nation, history records indicate that Afiko met his demise in the War's fifth year, when Fire Lord Sozin had him executed as a traitor.

Appearances and References

Afiko airbends

Afiko Airbending

Non-canon Appearances

Afiko appears in the non-canon crossover, Clash of Worlds 3.

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