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"Come now, my dear son. Aka, please, do try not to disappoint me. I wouldn't want my – I mean, your future to go astray because of your incompetence."
— Afiko to Aka.[1]
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Afiko is a traitorous Air Nomad responsible for the genoicde on his people due to feeding their weaknesses to Fire Lord Sozin. He is the main antagonist of Aang: Story of an Airbender.


Following the death of Avatar Roku, the Southern Council of Elders began informing the parents of suspected candidates to prepare for the Ceremony of the Four Relics, which included Afiko and his newborn, Aka. Afiko greeted his elders with mock kindness and slowly began to lose his act as the council expressed doubt. However, the monk was confident and overly delighted when High Monk Pasang sensed potential in Aka. As the elders left, Afiko playfully told Aka not to ruin their future which resulted in the infant crying. Three days later, Afiko carried Aka out of the Council Chamber, ecstatic that the ceremony had gone well for them.[1]


Aang: Story of an Airbender


Afiko is a tactical mastermind whose ambition for industrialization within the Air Nomads never falters. Always seeking to benefit himself than others, Afiko joins forces with Fire Lord Sozin in order to enact his dream. Scheming by twisting words to appear as the victim, Afiko uses his perfect understanding of the language to maintain a say within the Council of Elders' meetings despite not being a member himself.


Ever since the fanon's original version of The Mad Genius, Afiko has grown an immense amount of hatred with anons vocally expressing the growth in their distaste for his character. As of Out of the Blue, Minnichi has thrice commented her hope for Afiko's demise.

Negatively, Afiko has been described as a stereotypical villain acting evilly just for the sake of being evil.


  • Despite the amount of hatred for the character, Afiko is RuleroftheBisons97's favorite character.
  • Afiko has a habit of smiling evilly whenever he reaches a new milestone in his plans. The origin of this will be revealed in a later chapter.


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