By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.

Aerial turtles are large, turtle like creatures with wings for legs. Both wings for the front and back legs are of even length, and often used for broad winged locomotion, making it able to fly through the canopy with ease. They are often found in flocks of 15 individuals or so. Their shells are mainly for protection from aerial attackers and predators. These herbivorous creatures often eat while flying, snatching large amounts of plants, or fruit, during flight. Although their legs are wings, they are still able to land in the trees, moving around in the canopy similar to sea turtles do on land.

They are sociable animals, hardly ever found alone unless it becomes lost from the flock. If it does become lost it becomes extremely agitated and nervous. The animal also isn't very aggressive, but can be protective over its offspring if they're threatened. However, they are rather friendly, and often only large predators are able to threaten an aerial turtle. The large animal's main defense is its maneuverability through the jungle and its shell on its back. Other then that though, it is pretty much vulnerable to predators.


  • Aerial Turtles are, like birds, various in color.
  • It is unclear as to what member of ether Team Avatar or Teen Titans made the aerial turtles, as it was never really mentioned.

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